What’s on my bead mat – February edition?

Not sleet, nor snow, nor freezing rain, will stop me from sharing my latest bead mat update. Well, a power outage might, but so far, I’ve been lucky!

bead matFebruary is a busy month, on the old bead mat! I’m working on a 3-strand, leather, stone and metal bracelet, and still need to add a coat of resin to my Pebeo Fantasy Paint, heart bezel. Both are close to being finished, but I need to set aside a little time complete these projects.

bead mat

I’m happy to say that I’m making progress on my loomed bracelet, but visions of freeform pendants, and amulets, keep dancing in my head! What if I added different shapes and sizes of beads, in the same project? How can I purposely leave holes in the piece? Could beaded fringe be an option? What if I drop my bead mat, and add beads randomly? Will I need to upgrade to a Mirrix loom? So many questions, so little time! Research is definitely required!

bead mat

On the bead mat front, I actually own three, and juggle between them on a regular basis. I love my Bead-On-It Boards! Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the mess!!! But I digress! More projects for your eyes! I finished my Freeform Peyote, beaded bead (started in my workshop); am working on a Talisman charm project for a future class (more about that later); and have completed two pairs of earrings, using Vintaj, Natural Brass findings, with Swarovski rounds added for sparkle! I actually completed three, but the third is a little too plain, and needs a re-do. I must be feeling nostalgic, because the earrings certainly have an old world feel! Am I channelling some mystic, bohemian roots?

bead matbead matbead mat

I continue to work on my #1yearofstitches2017 project. It’s not actually on my bead mat, but I do admit to using the edge as a pin cushion. Here’s a progress shot! Speaking of pin cushions, I really do need to make a new one! Will it be stitched or beaded? I have some ideas, but not a lot of time. Sigh!

bead mat

The bead mat is getting more than a little rowdy! Projects are clamouring for attention, and my poor purple doll has been pushed to the sidelines (no photo, because she’s sulking). Perhaps I should dedicate time to her, this month! What do you think?

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