Style: Have you developed your own personal one yet?

Style is a funny thing! Some people have it in spades, while others continue to develop it slowly. In reality, it’s a constant, evolving process, often requiring changes to your mindset (not to mention wardrobe!).


Should your jewellery, continue to match your clothing style? Syncing them is probably a wise move, but often not entirely necessary! Has your style changed over the years? Does it still vex, and puzzle you? If not, why not?


Here are a few questions to ponder on the subject:

1. Are you a casual, or perhaps a formal clothing person?

2. Is it your preference to accessorize your t-shirts and P.J.’s, before seriously considering the consequences?

3. If you had a style, how could you possibly define it? Do you find that it’s in line with current trends, or perhaps you would be more comfortable, channelling some earlier era?

4. Do you choose to utilize natural, or even man-made materials in your work? A combination of both, is often the answer, but would it really satisfy your sensibilities?

5. Which materials do you prefer working with, and why do you choose to do so? Would glass, stones, metal, or pearls, make an appearance on your shopping list?

6. Do you frequently use your intuition, to help choose your wardrobe &/or jewellery?

7. Cost is always a factor, but just how would you go about creating that look for less (Hint – BeadFX could help!)?

8. Consider adding a theme, to help connect with your look? How about Boho, sporty, designer chic, grunge, 50s, heavy metal, etc.?

9. Which is your favourite colour, and how could you use it to promote your style? Could it make up part of your own, unique signature?

10. If you had a choice, which colours wouldn’t you be caught dead in?

11. Do you favour any particular designer’s work? Do you find that heavily influences your style? Could you adapt snippets of their ideas, to enhance your work?

12. Are you one of the sparkly ones (Swarovski every time), or could you see yourself working exclusively with metal, or semi-precious stones?

13. Do you allow current fashion trends to influence your work? Have you considered adding a few trendy things to your baseline style?

14. How many workshops have you attended in the last year? Did you find that they significantly changed your style, or direction?

15. Have you ever considered, designing your own jewellery line?


It doesn’t actually matter how you answer the questions, because most of us will find that style is a constantly evolving process. We are heavily influenced by the times, our environment, our workplace, family and friends. Visual stimuli, frequently influences style! Current fashion trends, plus any workshops you have taken, often adds to its development.


Eclectic Conservative, is how I would define my personal clothing style. I show a definite preference for simple, dark, casual clothing; in natural materials; and without a lot of pattern (black and grey are my best friends!). My jewellery reflects my love of nature, recycling, mixed media, and a toolbox full of techniques. Where my intuition leads, I will follow! Dark clothing, is a perfect foil, for colourful creations!



Are you comfortable in the style you’re in? Would you rather tweak it a little? Better still, be brave and embrace it! Chances are, its a keeper!


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