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Easy Charm

Designed by: Dwyn Tomlinson

Easy and charming – just the thing for making a very personal gift for someone in not too much time. People appreciate the time and the thought and energy that goes into a gift versus a store bought gift, and the more mature they are, the more they appreciate it. (Which is to say – the kiddies probably still want video games and gift cards.)

While this is similar to Anne Marie’s ‘Say It Like It Is’ bracelet, it is just a little different, and you can steal ideas from her version too.

The red bracelet was a gift to me, and reflects my love of dogs and horses. It was my inspiration for the blue bracelet. I was thinking of someone who likes birds, but also likes the idea of soaring away and spreading her wings, so I chose the Letter Charms ‘F’ ‘L’ ‘Y’. I added a sky blue rivoli charm, and because I also liked the deep blue of the square cushion cut, I added that too. And finally, a parrot.

We have lots of charms and different coloured stones, for a huge number of possible variations.

I made the blue bracelet with the rotating end caps, and crimped them, but I could have also used the toggle set and glued it. (Like the red bracelet.) Both are easy, but the toggle set might be easier if you don’t have a crimper or a few spare jumprings laying around.



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