Clutter Bug Anonymous – confessions of a serial crafter!

Do you shudder, every time you peek into your craft room? Are you a clutter bug in real life, or just in a craft sense? Do you feel out of control?

I wish that I had answers, but I’m just as bad, if not worse than the rest of you. (Please note: the above room is definitely not mine!) I’m proud to admit that I’m the founding member, of the Toronto Chapter, of Clutter Bug Anonymous, because there’s nothing wrong with a serial crafting addiction. You simply can’t help yourself! It started with something simple, like Art, Shop, or Home Economics classes, but wasn’t that better than either math, or chess? Rock collecting took up too much room, and besides your mother kept bugging you to clean under the bed. Too old to play with dolls, not allowed to go out with boys, books were piling up, couldn’t afford to buy expensive presents, and who wanted to cook and clean? Sigh!

I learned to sew as a teenager, and then started exploring the wild world of art and crafting! I grew up in a large, busy family! Chaos seemed to be the norm, and not the exception. I was born to be doomed!!!! But it was a lot of fun!

clutter bug

My clutter bug addiction was manageable in the early days, but then I moved to Toronto! No family in town, few friends outside of work (at first), and a less than temperate climate! Of course, I had to venture into quilting, then sidestepped into fibre art, paper crafting, photography, paint, mixed media, metalwork, and beading. What’s a girl to do? I blame books, magazines, guilds, workshops, Yahoo Groups, Facebook, BeadFX, and cold, cold winters! Sure, I’ve always been a voracious reader, but tempting text, and the siren song of vivid photography, could not be ignored! Who the heck is that Tim Holtz, or how about Susan Lenart Kazmer, and Ranger Ink,?and why do they release so many new products? I’m a sucker for a visual treat!

clutter bug


The secret to dealing with your clutter bug addiction, is to clear out all of the old paraphernalia, before starting on a new crafting path. Yeah, that will happen!! Get with the program! Crafting is something that happens concurrently, and not consecutively! You’ve already spent the money on supplies, storage, extra space, and so on! Sure, you could sell some of your stuff, but you’d only get pennies on the dollar. Far better to will it all to a friend or relative!? Any volunteers?

Psst! I do admit to dumping out pearls and fabric, for illustration purposes. They normally live in boxes!


  1. I am not a hoarder, though my workshop might lead one to think I am. I just need better storage solutions, is what I tell myself all the time. But I really do use my stuff.. I just like a lot of things and want to be able to let my creative side wander all over the freakin’ place. I am trying so hard not to get back into collecting fabric, at least not on a big scale, but beads (many from BeadFX) and papercrafting and metals and tools and paints and and and… I might need to form a chapter of Clutter Bug out in BC *laugh* But, really, all I need is better storage solutions *laugh*

  2. It’s lovely to hear from you Rijacki! Too funny! That’s what we all say!!! I bought a huge Ikea storage unit, when I first moved into this place. It’s chock full of old sewing and craft supplies, that I never use. Of course, if I just moved the boxes in front of it, I might be able to take an inventory! I need to see my supplies as well. I think that it’s one of the secrets of a hyper-creative mind. “To invent you need a goid imagination and a pile of junk.” – Thomas A. Edison

    BTW, I’m originally from North Vancouver, so would welcome any new chaper out there!!

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