InspirationFX: Gone Muddin’

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Gone Muddin’

Designed by: Rochelle Kilmer


Sometimes life gets hard. It gets sticky, dirty and downright muddy.

Sometimes you run. Run away from the mess.

But have you ever tried running in mud? To lift your leg, even for that first step. To have the energy to keep going. It’s harder to avoid making an even bigger mess.

Sometimes it’s just harder to run!

It’s okay. It’s okay to STOP! ???STOP! Breathe. In, out. In, out.

Take the mud for what it is. Feel it! Squish it between all of your toes. Close your eyes and feel the wind in your hair. Each strand blowing,sending tingles down your spine. Breathe in the fresh, clean air. Breathe out.Big breath in. Out. Lift your chin up! Feel the warmth on your face. Wrapping you in a comforting hug.

No matter how muddy the situation, how messy, how dirty, YOU ARE STRONGER!

You CAN rise up out of the mud. Maybe you crawl at first.Maybe you walk. Watch your step, mud is thick. It will try to slip you up, but you CAN do it! Take as much time as you need. There is no rush.

You are beautiful. A gorgeous, unique flower. Rising out and over any murky, muddy situation you may find yourself in. Your colour deserves to shine out from the mud!

There all kinds of beautiful flowers who find themselves in a little darkness sometimes. Together we all make a gorgeous, bountiful garden.Together we are stronger. Together we can clean off all this mud and shine bright!


  • Cut a length of Econoflex.
  • Crimp one end. Put a crimp on the Econoflex, followed by a wire guardian. Thread the Econoflex through the other side of the guardian and back through the crimp. Make sure to pull about 1 inch through. Using flat nose or chain nose pliers, flatten the crimp.
  • Put on 2 metal beads, followed by a Smokey Quartz coin bead. Place these beads over both bits of Econoflex. Trim the small length of Econoflex coming out of the coin bead. Place a pearl on the strand and alternate with coins for the length of the bracelet. End in a coin bead (the same as we started).
  • Open a small jumpring and put the flower charm in it. Close the jumpring.
  • On the strand after the coin bead, put on a metal bead, the flower charm and another metal bead.
  • Place a crimp on, followed by a wire guardian. Bring the Econoflex through the other side of the wire guardian, back through the crimp and through the 2 metals beads and 1 first coin bead.
  • Before flattening your crimp, make sure your bracelet will bend fluidly. If it is too stiff the stones will break and crack off. When you are happy with the movement, flatten your crimp.
  • Open a small jumpring, place the lobster claw on as well as the loop of bracelet. Close the jumpring.
  • On the other end, open a large jumpring, slip it on and close it.

Bracelet done!

And since I had a few pieces left over I made earrings too!! You could even make a pendant or include pieces in a necklace if you wanted to!

  • On a headpin, place a pearl, coin bead, pearl and then make a wrapped loop.
  • Open a small jump ring, hook on the dangle you just made and the loop on the leverback. Close the jumpring.
  • Repeat for the other earring.

Remember, YOU ARE STRONGER than you might think! And there are more flowers to lean on when times are muddy!

Stay beautiful my garden <3?? XO

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