InspirationFX: Lovin’ Copper ‘n Lace

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Lovin’ Copper ‘n Lace
Designed by: Anne Marie Desaulniers

What came first, the stone or the component? In this case, the Hammered Rectangles caught my eye, then I went searching for the proper stone accent. Easy enough you say, but quite the challenge, when you consider all of the stones BeadFX has lying about!! Although others vied for the honour, the Laguna Lace Agate won the round in a knock out! Call it love at first fight!!



– Construct one wire wrapped loop link (WWLL), consisting of a wire wrapped loop at one end, a 6 mm stone, and finishing with a wire wrapped loop at the other end.

– Repeat four more times.

– Assemble components as follows: 15 mm Lobster Claw/7 mm jumpring/WWLL/7 mm jumpring/Hammered Rectangle/7 mm jumpring/WWLL/7 mm jumpring/Hammered Rectangle/7 mm jumpring/Love Knot Twined Ring/7 mm jumpring/WWLL/7mm jumpring/Hammered Rectangle/7 mm jumpring/WWLL/7 mm jumpring/Hammered Rectangle/7 mm jumpring/WWLL/7 mm jumpring. – Next you will make a knotted headpin ( . You will notice that the video suggests that you use either 26 or 24 gauge wire, but I’ve chosen to make it with 22 gauge. I’ve also made 3 coils, instead of just two.

– Add one stone bead to the knotted headpin, and then make a wrapped loop at the end, to make a stone dangle.

– Attach the knotted headpin/stone dangle to Love Knot Twined Ring, with a 7 mm jumpring.

– If you’re not comfortable with this type of headpin, then use either a Flat, or Ball Headpin.

– Your bracelet is complete.

– Check ‘Tips and Techniques’ for instructions on both Wire Wrapped Loops, and Opening and Closing Jumprings.

– Make two wire wrapped loop links, as per the above instructions.

– Make two knotted headpin dangles, as per the above instructions.

– For the first earring – WWLL/7 mm jumpring/Hammered Rectangle/7 mm jumpring/knotted headpin stone dangle

– Open one 7 mm (or smaller if you have them) jumpring, and attach to WWLL, then to earwire.

– Close jumpring

– Repeat for second earring.

– Your earrings are complete.

Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!

Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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