Beads interrupted – A journey in second chances!

What will happen to all of your beads interrupted projects? You know, the ones that you purchased with the best intentions, but didn’t get time to work on yet! The ones hidden in boxes, or playing hide and seek, inside their original paper bags. Bead ownership is such a responsibility!!

Don’t you dare let anyone send your stuff to the thrift store (better to will them to a crafty friend or relative)! All is not lost! Grab the initiative, then develop some beads interrupted plans. No, not like a real business plan (what would be the fun in that?), but more a promise to get the lead out, and complete a few projects in a timely fashion. Okay, now let’s define what constitutes a realistic project?

beads interrupted

I think the first step, is to brace yourself, and then open some of those mysterious bags. Reach out (or reach in), and pull out the first project that you find? Would that work? Better still, what about that potential gift or surprise, or perhaps the one that’s been sitting on the shelf (box or bag) the longest? Or how about those components that are too good to use? Release the guilt! Does the bag contain everything you need for your beads interrupted project? If not, either add to it from your stash, or visit BeadFX (because that’s what it’s all about) for a little top-up!

Now drag everything to your happy place (the couch, your workroom, the dining room table). Don’t start the project right away (unless you really, really want to), but do leave it out in plain sight, until it speaks to you (you know they speak to you, don’t you?). If your family complains, too bad! Tell them to be patient! You have beads interrupted, and you’re on a mission!!!

I have a confession to make! I rarely leave projects unfinished (purple doll excepted), however I do have many non-started projects. I’m guilty of boxes full of bags, that never seem to get organized. Some remain unopened, and others opened, and then stashed right back into their bags. Beads interrupted indeed!!!!


Rise up, rise up I say! Don’t let the beads beat you down! They’re not the boss of you; you’re the boss of them!! Let this be the summer you tame your beads interrupted (at least some of them)!!! Seriously though, let’s all make an attempt to finish a few of our projects, plan some second chances, and then enjoy a little breathing room! For me, that means pearl knotting, bead embroidery, dealing with my little purple problem child, then planning some fall classes. A worthy plan indeed! Now how about you? Anyone into sharing?

beads interrupted

beads interrupted

beads interrupted

beads interrupted


Let’s get out and enjoy the summer! I plan to go beachcombing (when the water levels subside), reacquaint myself with nature, and take a few hundred (err, perhaps many more) photographs. After all, I still need to obsess about something!!


  1. Deb Hogue

    I am so terribly guilty of leaving beads interrupted! . ;(. I bought a lot of beads, silk, chain and charms to make a gorgeous bracelet like the one I saw in the bead sop 1600 miles away from home . I get home and find my home was burlgalized by a neighbor who found out I was on a nurse travel assignment for 16 weeks. I don’t know why I thought I would be able to remember what that bracelet looked like! It wasn’t a kit or have a display with a pattern. No it was just a pretty bracelet a customer had made and the shop put it on display. The staff even helped me gather everything to help me make the bracelet, but no one thought about taking a picture or even drawing out a simple pattern. Now it’s been a year ago and I’m afraid to attempt to try starting to assemble and make it. It is a gift for my daughter and she has quit asking me when I’m going to make it! I feel so aweful!

  2. Deb,

    I’m so sorry that this happened to you! Do you remember the name of the shop? Perhaps if you called them and described the components to them, they might remember the bracelet.

    Or, why don’t you send me a photograph (or photographs) of all of your pieces, and I’ll tutor you through the process. It might not be the same bracelet, but could be just as nice, or even better! Are you on Facebook? If so, send me a “Friend” request and we can take it from there.

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