Floating Display Frames

I just want to rave on about these floating display frames. I didn’t get a lot of space to talk about them the other day when we rolled them out – so I just want to show you them in more detail – because I think these things are the bees knees.

The first time I saw them was in a Swarovski promotional package – there was one of their big, honking crystal pendants, floating in space. Ok, I thought – that’s cool, but a vacuum formed package is kind of a luxury for the regular person like me.

Then I got my hands on the package. OK – it took me 15 mins to figure out how to open it (btw – these ones are much more obvious), and then I realized that the film holding it in place is not a hard, vacuum formed plastic shell, but a soft, stretchy membrane – like cling wrap – but thicker. And less wrinkles.

OK – I thought – but it must eventually stretch and take on the shape of the item it is holding. And so it sat on my desk. And yeah, after about a year or so, it did deform a little. It’s didn’t yellow. Didn’t lose it’s stretchiness or function. But it took a year, at least.

But of course, everything I make is big, and I wanted to be able to buy these for displaying my own work. Well – eventually – here they are!

So here is one of my lampwork pendants, in the larger frame, in my photo set up.


And here it is in hand – so you can get some sense of scale.

And with the frame open – so you can get a sense of the dimensionality of it.

Pretty magical, eh? Also protects from chipping and scratching, and makes it harder for them to walk away at a show.

Almost makes me wish I still did shows. Almost!


Anyway – I think they are awesome – so if you want to pick up a couple, or a bunch, head over to our display items page.



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