Come on Snowflake – show your mettle …

Or, should that be, “show you’re metal?”

s14746 Filigree - 33 mm Lacey Snowflake - Antiqued Silver

If last week’s update owed it’s metallic hue to the gleaming glitter of gold, then this week’s theme is the softer, subtler shade of silver and the goth glam of gunmetal.

In addition to the above lacey snowflake filigree, we have these rather interesting diamond shaped links, and even more fili-gregious, this rose-window evoking filigree piece, and this dimensional filigree fan piece. These pieces are light enough to be bend around things like cabochons and large stones, so that you can make things with a caged effect – or customizing the shape to fit.

s55899 Link - 30 mm Diamond Shield - Antiqued Silvers55902 Filigree - 46 mm Rose Window - Antiqued Silvers55900 Filigree - 36 mm Lacey Fan - Antiqued Silver

Now these two pieces – such fun! This dimensional dragonfly and writhing wyvern are stamped from metal and have a hollow back. Use a hole punch to hang them in what ever oriention you want – dragonfly – wing? head? both wings? How will you hang it? Or you can glue them on, or glue on a bail.

Here’s a thought too – if you are into casting resin – you could buy one and make a mold and make a dozen or more. Say you make a hundred of the dragonflies in resin and then hung them from a tree in your back yard – how cool would that be? Ok – that’s me getting carried away – but you can picture that, right? It would be cool! I’m not talking about the wyvern/griffony creature because if you don’t get yourself one of those, all the more for me!

s55903 Metal Pendant - 46 mm Dragonfly - Antiqued Silvers55904 Metal Pendant - 46 mm Magnificent Wyvern Gryphon - Antiqued Silver

We also have some new styles of silver chain this week, these fun silver leaf-shaped drops,

s50145 Metal Chain - 1.8 mm Flat Oval Links - Bright Silver (1 foot)s50117 Metal Charm/Drop - 9 x 16 mm Leaf - Brushed Silver (6)

or these long oat gunmetal beads or puff coin gunmetal.

s50127 Metal Bead - 10 x 32 mm Long Oat - Gunmetal (10)s50130 Metal Bead - 12 mm Coin - Gunmetal (strand)

And in the seedbeads – sterling silver plated true-cut 8/0s, and 6/0s.

s55924 Czech Seedbeads - 8/0 True Cut - Sterling Silver Plated (10 grams)s55927 Czech Seedbeads - 6/0 Seedbead - Sterling Silver Plated (10 grams)


So put the petal to the metal and shine on silver moon! Every week – lots of great old stuff and great new stuff here! Cheers!


Plus – one more week – 20% off stone beads and pearls!

20% off until June 21 (that the solstice!) on our Stone beads (including the Amber, cabochons, pendants, the diamond pendants, and the gemstone strands) and our Pearls (freshwater, and what the heck, the fashion pearls and Swarovski pearls, too!)





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