InspirationFX: Flutterby Stories: Pendant Necklace

Flutterby Stories: Pendant Necklace

Designed by: Anne Marie Desaulniers

Sometimes designs work up quickly, and others need to percolate a little, as they take their own sweet time. The first time I saw these punched, Vintaj components, I decided that I wanted to make a little book out of them. However, I couldn’t decide what to use for the pages in the folio. Enter Ice Resin! I was working with it a month or so ago, and had some leftover resin, so decided to make Resin Paper. The rest was a story, just waiting to be told!


Resin Paper: – this will need up to 10 hours to dry:

– Prepare your work surface by laying down a plastic garbage bag.

– View the following link, for instructions on how to make resin paper –

– Make sure that that the side you like the best, is face up on the surface.

– Let the paper dry, then peel it off the plastic bag.

– Tear paper to fit between metal journal page. I like to tear, rather than cut, but it’s a personal preference. Also, I like the edges to be uneven.

– I used three resin paper pages in my book.

Assembling Pendant and Necklace:

– Stack the three sheets of resin paper, under one of the metal journal pages.

– Using the metal journal page holes as a guide, pierce resin paper with either the tip of an awl, or with a large needle.

– Stack metal journal page/three resin paper sheets/metal journal page.

– Open jumpring, and add to first hole (this is a little fiddly, and if you experience problems, you may need to feed components individually onto the jumpring).

– Close jumpring.

– Repeat the above two steps, for the middle hole.

– Repeat the same steps again, for the final hole, but this time, do not close the jumpring.

– Add the following to a 2″ Ball Headpin – 4mm SW Pearl/3mm metal round/4mm SW Pearl

– Make a wrapped loop at the end to finish your dangle component.

– Open 4 mm jumpring, then add dangle component.

– Attach the above set to the opening on one wing of the Fluttery Butterfly.

– Close jumpring.

– Add Fluttery Butterfly to the open jumpring on the little book.

– Close jumpring.

– Measure 20″ of chain

– Find middle, open 4.75mm jumpring, and attach to chain, and then to the jumpring on the little book, that has the Fluttery Butterfly attached. At this point, you could also add another tag or dangle.

– Close jumpring.

– Open one 7.25mm jumpring, and attach to the first end of the chain.

– Close jumpring.

– Open one 4.75 mm jumpring, and attach to both the Lobster Claw clasp, and the remaining end of the chain.

– Close jumpring.

– Congratulations, your Flutterby Stories: Pendant Necklace is complete!

Additional Materials Not Sold by BeadFX

Disposable gloves

Kitchen sponge

Plastic garbage bag

Fine tipped awl, or thick embroidery needle

Vintage book paper (paper with a high cotton content is best, but most papers will work. However, you will not always get the transparent look, if you use newer or thicker papers. You could also try old letters, tissue paper, or map pages.



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Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.


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