Resin rocks! Exploring the possibilities!!

Resin rocks, does not necessarily mean rocks made out of resin, but wouldn’t they be cool? It’s more a comment about all of the amazing surfaces that you could either make, or cover in resin.

Okay, let’s talk about real resin rocks (heh, heh….is that like natural dyed?)! Find a nice, flat bottomed rock, and then make a mold out of it, with 2-part Silicone Putty. Mix up some resin; colour it either natural or wild; then pour into the mold. Wait 12 hours, and remove your faux rock from the mold (it cures completely in 72 hours)! Why you ask? Why would anyone want to make a resin rock? An artsy experiment for me, but why would I want to? Is, I’ve never done it before, a good answer? Or how about, just because?

Let’s talk about some of the cool things you could do with resin. Different brands, are good for different types of applications. For my jewelery applications, I use Ice Resin. Multiple pours of this resin, could also be used for deeper molds. They would give an interesting, layered effect!

Resin rocks, because you can make jewelery out of it! Pour, smear, brush, sponge, or drip!? The choice is yours!! Colour your resin with mica powders, pigments, acrylic, oil, glass paints, inks (acrylic or alcohol) and spices. (Note: For resin to cure properly, remember not to use more than 10% of the colourant in the mix!)

Pouring multiple colours of resin together, is an easy, but messy way to make a painting. The results are amazing, even though people are just a little obsessive about making cells! Just Google Dirty Pour, for a ton of information and videos! There are two types of pours though, so check to make sure that you are watching information about resin, and not acrylic paint, dirty pours. Similar techniques are also used in cake decorating, but I have no idea how that’s done!

resin rocks

resin rocks
David Zak

Wood/resin jewelery, will absolutely blow your mind! The process does require power tools (and not just my trusty Dremel), so I doubt that I will ever get a chance to play with this technique!

resin rocks
Britta Boeckmann
Britta Boeckmann
resin rocks
Secret Wood

I’ve been dreaming about painting with resin, and not just with dirty pours! Resin rocks in my neck of the woods, but how do you feel? No need to get all crazy, but is it something you would ever like to try?

If and when I make my first resin rock, I promise to share on this blog!

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