Backlit GemDuos this week at BeadFX

s56004 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Matubo GemDuo - Backlit Tequila

GemDuos! A new shaped bead – similar to the DiamondDuo. They are pretty close in size, the holes are a little closer to the bottom of the bead in the GemDuos, and while they are a little shallower than the DiamondDuo, the higher placement of the holes in the DiamondDuo means that both will sit at the same height in your beadwork.

The principle difference, however, is that the GemDuos do not rise to a point on the top like the DiamondDuos, they have a flatter top. There is an excellent review of them here, showing the same patterns made up with the two different beads.

Any pattern that calls for one can surely use the other. Whether it will work if you mix both into the same pattern will depend on the pattern!

What is most intriguing about them though is the new “Backlit” color series. The Backlit process uses coatings and colors to create a brilliant and vivid range of luminous colors. We are really excited about these new colors!

s56005 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Matubo GemDuo - Backlit Utopias56008 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Matubo GemDuo - Backlit Uraniums56009 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Matubo GemDuo - Backlit Vapor


New also this week – more choices in the aromatic wood beads, now in a pale stained sandalwood. Also new, some bright copper chain by the foot, and some antiqued copper chain too.

286013021-00 Wood Beads - 8 mm Round Sandalwood - Light Green (strand)s50063 Chain - 6 x 8 mm Oval Link Chain - Bright Copper (1 foot)s50154 Metal Chain - 2.2 mm Twisted Curb Chain - Copper (1 foot)

If a nature-inspired theme is speaking to you – think about this Bronze Pendant, or this one. Or for a more rustic look, this one, or even this one!

s50167 Metal Charm/Pendant - Open Frame Leaf Pendant - Bronzes50170 Metal Charm/Pendant - Open Frame Lotus Pendant - Bronzes55950 Metal Pendant - Aspen Leaf - Rusted Irons55953 Metal Charm/Pendant - Funky Spiral Swirl - Antiqued Copper

Every week – lots of great old stuff and great new stuff here! Cheers!


Plus – one more week – 20% off stone beads and pearls!

Yeah – I said that last week – but what the heck – let’s go another week! 20% off until June 28 on our Stone beads (including the Amber, cabochons, pendants, the diamond pendants, and the gemstone strands) and our Pearls (freshwater, and what the heck, the fashion pearls and Swarovski pearls, too!)



Looking for a bargain?

We have a bunch of crazy manager specials, with discounts up to 70% off. You can use our catalog search to find them – just type manager and whatever you are looking for in the box and see what comes up!

Like – Manager Butterfly! Manager Thread Or try a color! Manager Red. Ok – that one is going to give you some stuff that isn’t red, but has red in the name. 😉

s55953 Metal Charm/Pendant - Funky Spiral Swirl - Antiqued Copper


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