InspirationFX: Green Grapes

Green Grapes

by: Rochelle Kilmer

Sweet, sweet grapes being turned into delicious wine! Would you like a glass, because I sure would!

So again, this necklace started as a yellow-green colour puddle. I had the glass coins and the olive jade hanging out on my desk for a bit before Erin said they reminded her of green grapes. From there the inspiration was born! I saw bunches of dangles and the little grape charms we carry were the perfect accent piece.

First I started by making all the little dangles used in both the necklace and the earrings. On a headpin, I placed a scallop bead cap,4mm round olive jade, and another bead cap. Then I made a wrapped loop to finish them off. I did this for the whole strand of olive jade stone.

*(Note: with the stone/pearl sale the last couple weeks all the olive jade was purchased, so there are a couple of alternatives I would use in the material list)

Then for the strand of puff coins, I turned them into links.I used 22g Brass wire. I made a wrapped loop on one end, strung on a puff coin and made another wrapped loop. I did this for all 15 coins.

Putting the necklace together:

I attached all 15 coin links together using 3mm jumprings. Find the centre coin. Open a 3mm jumpring, and place 3 olive jade dangles, and before closing attach it to one of the jumpring to the left of the centre coin.On the right side, attach 3 dangles the same way.

Working your way out, on each jumpring attaching the links,attach either a single dangle or 3 dangles. I alternated, so I attached 3dangles and the next one just one dangle and then the next 3 dangles, etc.

On the last coin link I used a 4mm jumpring and attached it to one end of the brass chain. I repeated the same for the other ends. I found the centre of the chain and cut it. On the chain links I attached a lobster claw, an antique gold grape charm,and one of the olive jade dangles I made. The lobster claw can clip into the links on the chain so you can adjust your length preference.

Necklace done!


I used a pack of chain extenders as my base for the dangles.I cut off the teardrop dangle off the bottom and attached an antique gold grape charm instead, using a jumpring. Working upwards, I attached 1 or 2 olive jade dangles on each link of the extender using 3mm jumprings. Then I attached my earring finding to the top link. I repeated the same process for the other earring.

Voila your earrings are done!


Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!

Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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