Blue Pearls and Rhyolite this week at BeadFX

More of these truly lovely Swarovski light and dark blue iridescent pearls. These fill in the gaps in the sizes from our first shipment of them. These really are beautiful – they have a two-tone iridescent shimmer to them that you really have to see in person. One of the nicest new items to come from Swarovski!

s55432 Swarovski Pearl - 3 mm Round Pearl (5810) - Iridescent Light Blue Pearl (100)s55435 Swarovski Pearl - 5 mm Round Pearl (5810) - Iridescent Dark Blue Pearl (strand 25)s55436 Swarovski Pearl - 10 mm Round Pearl (5810) - Iridescent Dark Blue Pearl (10)


Rhyolite – a cream and green stone with hints of a warm reddish brown. It’s been a while since we had a big stock of this, and it is always a hit.

s33540 Stone Beads - 30 x 40 mm Freeform - Rhyolites33538 Stone Beads - 10 mm Round - Rhyolite (strand)s33537 Stone Beads - 8 mm Faceted Rounds - Rhyolite (strand)

We’re also adding some new colours in the size B Miyuki Nylon Thread.

s55914 Thread - Size B Miyuki Nylon Thread - Brown Biscotti (Spool)s55915 Thread - Size B Miyuki Nylon Thread - Grey Smoke (Spool)s55917 Thread - Size B Miyuki Nylon Thread - Green Mint (Spool)

Every week – lots of great old stuff and great new stuff here! Cheers!

Holiday Closing

We will be closed on July 1 for Canada Day! Happy Birthday Canada! 150 years – you don’t look a day over 100! We will be open on the Monday, July 3. Our online store, will, of course, be open 24/7 because computers take their holidays in the nanosecond breaks between transactions. 😉



Sale – Assorted Supplies 20% off

Supplies – what are “supplies?” Isn’t all of this “supplies?” Well – you make a good point – but generally – we use the term “supplies” to refer to stuff that you get for more than one project. Like spools of beading wire and thread. Glue. Wire. It’s not a perfect system – but we’re open to suggestions. Anyhoo – 20% off this category of stuff until July 12th!


Supplies -> #8 Pearl Cotton
Supplies -> Adhesives
Supplies -> Beading Wire -> Beadalon
Supplies -> Beading Wire -> Econoflex
Supplies -> Beading Wire -> Softflex
Supplies -> Cord -> 5 Wt Rayon
Supplies -> Cord -> Clear
Supplies -> Rubber
Supplies -> Stretchy Cord
Supplies -> Decoupage Sheets
Supplies -> Epoxy Clay -> Apoxie
Supplies -> Epoxy Clay -> Crystal Clay
Supplies -> Gilders Paste
Supplies -> Lacy’s Stiff Stuff
Supplies -> Lost Wax
Supplies -> Metal Clay
Supplies -> Metal Tubing
Supplies -> MetalFX – Mica Powder
Supplies -> Nylon Mesh Tube
Supplies -> Packaging
Supplies -> Patinas
Supplies -> Resin
Supplies -> Silk Thread
Supplies -> Silver Silk Knitted Wire
Supplies -> Soldering
Supplies -> Storage
Supplies -> Thread -> Accessories
Supplies -> Thread -> C-LON Size AA
Supplies -> Thread -> C-LON Size D
Supplies -> Thread -> Fireline
Supplies -> Thread -> Invisible
Supplies -> Thread -> K.O. Size B
Supplies -> Thread -> Kevlar
Supplies -> Thread -> Miyuki Size B
Supplies -> Thread -> Nymo
Supplies -> Thread -> Sono
Supplies -> Thread -> SuperLon
Supplies -> Thread -> Toho Thread
Supplies -> Thread -> Wildfire
Supplies -> Ultra Suede
Supplies -> Wire Lace
Supplies -> Tubing
Supplies -> Renaissance Wax
Supplies -> Beading Wire
Supplies -> Cord
Supplies -> Swarovski Hot Fix
Supplies -> Wire Luxe
Supplies -> Epoxy Clay -> Ceralun
Supplies -> Cord -> Parachute Cord
Supplies -> Iced Enamels
Supplies -> Concrete and Pigments
Supplies -> Thread -> Hana
Supplies -> Huichol


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