InspirationFX: Erin’s Mopal Bracelet

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Erin’s Mopal Bracelet

Designed by: Pam Kearns

This purple is like mopal.

A mopy Opal.

Erin likes mopal.

We made a bracelet.

We named it Erin’s ‘Mopal’ bracelet.


1. Pull wingspan of fireline; thread needle with both ends of the fireline so that the thread is doubled and the ‘end’ is a loop. Attach the fireline to either side of the cuff’s cutout usinga lark’s head knot (with the fireline loop under the side of the cutout, bring the ends over the cutout and through the loop).




2. Centre row of stitching: Stitch up (from back to front) through the second hole from the end on the side of the cutout that you have your knot. Pick up a donut and stitch across the cutout and down (from front to back) through the second hole on the other side of the cutout (note: the illustration is not to scale!


3. Stitch back up (back to front) through a hole 2 – 3 holes over. Pick up a donut and stitch back down the corresponding hole on the other side of the cutout.

In effect, you are creating a ladder-type of stitching to attach beads within the cutout portion of the cuff. The spacing of your stitches will be determined by the size of the beads you are using within the cutout area. Larger beads will require that you move over more hole; smaller beads will allow you to ‘move over’ fewer holes and allow more beads in the space.

Continue to add donuts down the cutout; you want the donuts to just touch and not overlap each other. When finished ensure that your thread is coming up one of the end holes along the cutout .

4. Once the centre portion is filled, you’ll now stitch donuts and size 11/0 seedbeads picot-style along both sides of the cut-out using the holes.Pick-up one donut and seed bead; stitch back down the donut and into the second hole along the cuff cutout. Stitch back up the next available hole along the cutout. Continue to add donuts and seedbeads picot-style in the same manner, ensuring that the donuts just touch.

5. When you’ve completed the one side, stitch across the back of cut-out (your thread will be concealed by the first row of donuts) and up the first hole. Add donuts and seedbeads along the side as you did in Step 4.

6. When finished; secure your fireline with half-hitches and secure the final knot with glue. Allow to dry and trim.

That’s it – Enjoy!




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