July Bead Mat Update – To goal or not to goal!

My July bead mat update is all about working on neglected projects and supplies. Will I be able to attain my goals? I would like to finish something! Challenges are always good, and it will certainly be fun to try!!

Why don’t I have time to finish all of my projects? Do I bite off more than I can chew? Or should I just blame it on the class samples I need to make? Each time I teach a class, I end up with at least one more sample to finish, and more than a few leftover supplies. Is my July bead mat update, really about my art related, hopes, dreams and plans?

We’ll start with a couple of samples, from my last Intuitive Bead Embroidery class. The first focal (and with me, it all starts with the focal), is a pretty cool acrylic skin, that I pulled out of one of my dirty pour mixing cups (after it dried). It was just too nice to waste!

July bead mat update

The beauty of making components, is that they’re always on hand for demonstrations. I made this cabochon (the focal, on the inside of the peyote bezel) years ago. It’s a combination of paint, paper and glass. Lots left to do on both of these projects, but I hope to finish at least one, in the next couple of weeks!


I want to do a little more work on the freeform pendant, I showed you a couple of weeks ago. But is freeform ever really finished? I’m playing around with the idea of building a freeform necklace around it, so quite a bit more to be done! I’ve never actually made a freeform necklace, so there will be a learning curve to deal with! Freeform is freeform, so the problem solving should be exciting!July bead mat update

I plan to work on a few more things, over the next couple of weeks. Who knows how many I will even start? Items currently on the menu, include Apoxie Sculpt, hand embroidery, natural dyeing, and teabag art! I’m particularly anxious to use the huge teabag, saved by our fearless leader (Marg). It might not be the first one I work on, but it will be fun!

July bead mat update

Yes, my July bead mat update contains unrealistic goals (but don’t they always?)! Perhaps I should just let my muse decide my priorities (as usual)! What will you work on this summer? Will you make any plans or goals, or just wing it like I normally do?

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