Bead like you mean it: Adventures up north!

Are you a true bead fanatic? When you bead like you mean it, your beads will prevail, and your muse will be happy! Even though all of my creative goals have not been met (as laid out in last weeks blog post), I still plan to work on them. Ambitious goals are never a bad thing! Holiday activities require fluid plans! Change and challenge is quite often the norm!

When I say bead like you mean it, it always brings Intuitive Bead Embroidery to mind. It’s one of my favourite beading activities. I reach for it first, and it’s my most popular workshop (resin is a close second). Pick it up, or put it down! You never lose your place! I haven’t finished my piece yet but I’m still happy with the progress! I sent some of the children on a quest for a small stone, and this is the one I chose (thanks Danny!). I secured the stone with freeform netting. I’m not sure about my colour selection (on the stone), but no plans to rip anything out.

bead like you mean it

I beaded a small rock, with a combination of beads, white glue, and a toothpick, years ago. What a pain! Then I heard about Huichol beadwork, and purchased the wax for this technique. Nothing happened! Now BeadFX carries the wax (and tool), and there’s even a workshop! The results of my experiment with the kids! Too much wax in some areas, and too little in others! Not all of the beads line up properly, but I guess that was inevitable! There are no plans to finish this particular stone!!

My plan was to dip my toes into both Lake Superior, and Lake Huron, on this trip! The water in Superior was wonderful, but I only managed to dip my fingers in Lake Huron (because we were at a marina). However, stones, driftwood, and photos were a given!!

bead like you mean it

bead like you mean it

bead like you mean it

bead like you mean it

I plan to boil up some avocado skins and pits later today. The goal is pink paper (yes, it’s possible), but do I have the right type of avocado? I’ll find out later today, and then report on it next week.

Bead like you mean it (or craft like you mean it), wherever you go! Changing pace, definitely re-vitalizes your creative spirit! I have more creative adventures looming on the horizon, but there’s always room for more! What about you? How is your summer going? Any creative tales to tell?

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