s55961 Huichol Supplies - Beadswax - Natural (Pack)Huichol, Huicholing. To Huichol.

Huichol has become a verb around here – we use it to describe the process of covering something with beads. It started when we started carrying the Beadswax, and it is now just part of our lexicon.

So recently I found this artist – Jan Huling – who is working in a similar vein.

She calls herself a “beadist” – a term that I find very appealing because it is so open-ended, and she makes wonderful surface designs with beads using thin lines of glue and pre-strung beads, which she lays down on the glue and slips the cord out of the bead, leaving them aligned in rows on their sides, as opposed to putting them down one at a time, hole side up, as in the traditional Huichol art.

I suspect this technique requires a bit more planning because of that, although she says she does not start with a plan, but goes where the beads take her – which is generally how I approach things too!

She has a wide range of items that she decorates, and incorporates found objects – but I have to admit, I find the canines – the dogs – that she does – of particular fascination. They have a sleek and streamlined quality that belies the intricate level of decoration.







Even this poodle – which if you didn’t know how it was made, has the appearance of being knitted, from a distance.


And when she says she likes to include “found objects” – this teapot-headed bambi is delightful! (Hmmm – has anyone told her about “tea-cup” poodles?)


So go explore some more of her thoroughly delightful art!

More Eye Candy

Google search

Short video interview

Her blog, her shows and classes.

Her website



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