Mixed-up media madness! Let the games begin!!

What do you think of, when I say mixed-up media madness? For me, it’s a total change from what I’ve been working on. But then again, is it really?

My love for beads, may only be surpassed by my love for fibre! Is that like picking a favourite child, or pet? Is that too cruel? Or perhaps, just human nature?

Let me say right now, that I have no intention of giving up beads! My mixed-up media madness, is sure to show up, every couple of years. It materializes in weird and wonderful ways, including a need to work with fabric, and threads. So, what if I bead a piece, and then add a little fabric? Or, should I work with fabric, and then add some beads? Is either method wrong? Even scarier, is a strong hankering to work with paper, paints, and all the rest of the mixed media trappings. What’s a girl to do?

Beads are represented by the small Huichol piece, I started in a special workshop, Pam held for the staff. I’m not entirely satisfied with my piece, but then again, I wouldn’t want to get complacent? I started out with a too-pale palette of beads, and then insisted in using 15’s (smarty pants that I am)! When will I ever learn? I did eventually add colour, but in the throes of finishing, ended up crowding some of my earlier beads (they flipped over to the side). I took off my perfectionist hat, and will chalk this one up to experience. Never one to say never, I will start another one in the near future. Yes, probably still with 15’s, but this time I might even sketch out a pattern. But who knows? I do love winging it, and you know that I’m all about intuitive work, don’t you?

mixed-up media madness

My plans for the narrow fabric collage, include a ton of hand embroidery, and perhaps a sprinkling of beads. This piece is courtesy of my on-going (and really quite tedious) quest to tidy up my studio. I’ve uncovered boxes of fabric, that I forgot I even owned. Not the batiks, of course, but all the rest saved for the fibre Armageddon! I will be so ahead of the game!! By the way, this piece didn’t even make a small dent in the stash!

mixed-up media madness

Did anybody mention paper? My #naturaldyeing quest continues, but this time with the humble red cabbage. I boiled it up, with a splash of vinegar, and then popped in a variety of different papers. I fully expected blues, but to my surprise, ended up with a lovely array of soft lavenders, and teals as well. My heart went pitter, patter!!

mixed-up media madness

Still on the paper trail, I decided to use up the Citra Solv that I’ve been saving for years. Citra Solv is a natural cleaner, that has the remarkable ability to dissolve the ink on Natural Geographic pages, in very interesting ways. That’s because it has a natural solvent in it, so be careful to play with it in a very well-ventilated area. If you want to experiment, check it out on the web! Here’s a blog, with a good description of the process. Also, Citra Solv has an artist section on it’s website!!! What will I do with these papers, you say? I’m thinking paper beads, collage, and resin backgrounds. At least, for now!

Long live beads, fabric, paper, threads, and paint! I need them to survive, and also to help pass my mixed-up media madness, on to the unsuspecting masses! That would be you, of course!! Close your eyes! I promise that it won’t hurt!!

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