InspirationFX: Baby Blue and Earrings

Baby Blue and Earrings

Designed by: Dwyn Tomlinson

The soft pinks and blues of the Powder Blue Impression Jasper strike me as very soothing and pretty. I went to town and make a whole suite of items from this lovely stone. (Check out previous weeks for more Inspirations)

My first thought was to combine gold-plated metal findings and beads with the Powder Blue Impression Jasper, but I found I did not care for the look. The bright copper metal beads and finding – that was another
story, however! The combination is gorgeous! The pinky tones of the bright copper perfectly complement the soft translucent aqua and contrasting opaque pinky color of this Impression Jasper.

Bracelet – Baby Blue

By the time I got to this bracelet – I was using up left-over beads. Two remaining 12 mm and three 10 mm beads, alternating, with crimp bead spacers, strung on the beading cable (Econoflex or Softflex) with TWO
jumprings built into the end loop. Then I took the stretchy elastic, knotted it around the two jumprings, added 5 jump rings as a spacer (and to hide the knot), and strung the rest of the 8 mm beads until I had enough length, added five more jump rings, and tied off on the 2 jump rings at the other end of the 12 and 10 mm bead section. Again, the five jump ring set does a superb job of concealing the knot.

Earrings –

Down to just 2 beads left. A do-it-yourself head pin, involving some wire and a crimp bead, an 8 mm round, and a set of five jumprings, and a wrapped loop. A jumpring into the wrapped loop, and then, I used the wire to make some simple earring wires. You don’t have to be that hard core though – you can just buy bright copper earwires!


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