Favourite bead styles: Working in and out of your comfort zone!

Do you ever bead outside of your comfort zone? We all have our favourite bead styles, but what have you done to challenge that?

I just seem to keep beading variations of the same theme. My early bead education, included stringing, and a range of traditional bead weaving stitches. I quickly abandoned them for mixed media, freeform and intuitive beading. Do you think that it’s time that I returned to my roots? Okay, perhaps not entirely, but it would be interesting to see what I could do with traditional stuff!

I confess that two, three, and four holed beads, intimidate me (or should I say, confuse me). Certainly not my favourite bead styles, but they are intriguing, and the colours are great! I’ve shied away from them in my freeform and intuitive work, but is there a way to include them? Others have, but am I brave enough to try? Probably, but I just need the right incentive!!!

I do love Super Duos though, and am quickly becoming fond of both Diamond Duos, and Gem Duos! Could I include them in my freeform work? Perhaps if I viewed them as a puzzle, or even a problem-solving exercise, it could work! It’s definitely time to bite the bullet, and maybe even to branch out! All those BeadFX customers couldn’t be wrong, could they? I’m bigger than those beads, and no stinking beads are going to get the better of me! I’ll gird my loins, and jump right onto the bandwagon! Well, gird is probably a little excessive, but how about I try to work with them, a little bit at a time? LOL!

I’m working on a freeform peyote bead, in colours that are completely out of my comfort zone! This type of beading, requires a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours of seed beads. However, I had my heart set on a fall bead, although my warm autumn palette was sadly lacking! Problem solved! Buy more beads!!! No photos until next week, but would you be satisfied with a few beach photos from last weekend?

favourite bead styles

favourite bead styles

favourite bead styles

favourite bead styles

I’m not suggesting that you abandon your favourite bead styles, but how about joining me in a small experiment? What if you tried working with different colours, shapes, and/or techniques (we have beads, classes, and even “Inspirations”), on your next project! Perhaps you could let a little something new into your life, even if you still prefer your favourites!

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