Bead the Raven

Once upon a midnight bleary, whilst I beaded to music eerie
Poring over many a pattern and book from the beading store
Whilst I beaded, nearly napping, accidentally sometimes stabbing
The bead tray slips and I am grabbing, grabbing with my finger sore
Argh I mutter, my finger sore,
And now all my beads are on the floor
Ack, my beads – I will lose them and there will be no more

There will always be more beads – but sometimes, just not the beads you want. And sometimes, you accidentally buy the beads you already have – which is why this particular update may be the smallest we’ve ever done, because after I had processed the new items for this week – we found out that about half of them, we already had, by a different name. In other words, a Czech Glass Starbell Flower in Mango would bead as sweet as one in Apricot – because it’s the same flower bead! Likewise Violet Speckle and Mauve Gold Lustre. You can see where I am going with this.

s35723 Glass Flowers - Starbell Flowers - Apricot (25)s35709 Glass Flowers - Starbell Flowers - Mauve Gold Lustre (25)

s56436 Czech Glass Flowers - 13 mm Lotus Blossom - Roses and Ice (15)s56443 Czech Glass - Starbell Flowers - Purple Twilight (25)

So we do have new flower beads – just not as many as I thought we did!

We do, however, have a full-time, awesome selection of flower beads, and leaves too, for that matter.

Looking for ideas? Check out these free projects!

Pagoda Earrings


The Bright Side of Winter

Note – for this particular project, a lot of these specific flowers are actually gone now. They were on sale. 😉 But you can choose your own from other Manager’s Special Glass Flowers!



Got Goth?

20 – 33% off

Get back to black! Sometimes the best accent is the one that disappears.

Pair gunmetal grey or black metal findings with beads of bright colours and your dark clothing – the rich colours will seem to float on the dark background as the dark metal disappears. To help you try this out – savings of 20% or more off – from now until the spooky end of October!

s56430 Firepolish - 8 mm Faceted Round - Duet Black/White (Strand 20)

Swoon for Swarovski at 20% off

20% off Swarovski Beads and Pendants! And what the heck – Swarovski glass Pearls too! And the Flatbacks and Hotfix too!



As always – you can view all interesting new stuff on the website here.




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