September 2017 bead mat update: Freeform in all it’s glory!

My September 2017 bead mat update, is all about freeform! Two of the projects are freeform, and I’m recycling fabric scraps in the other. That’s sort of freeform, isn’t it?

I love anything that’s either freeform &/or intuitive. No intuitive this month, but boy did I return to freeform! I simply cannot teach a class, without working right alongside my students! That’s the only way I teach! I’ll show them what to do, by demonstrating the technique, on my own project. Then I’ll proceed to the next steps, while letting everyone work at their own pace. At the end of a class, I may end up with a fully completed project, or one that still has work to be done. Oh, woe is me! More UFO’s!!!

I really hate it when my students get ahead of me (kidding!)! That’s because I’m generally the one talking, the most!! LOL!

My first September workshop, was my “Whimsical Freeform Peyote: Beaded Bead“. I focused on fall colours for my bead, because I didn’t know that Toronto was about to have, a stinking hot heatwave!!!! Although I don’t normally work in this particular palette, I do love the brilliant colours of the leaves as they turn. With this warm weather, I suspect that the leaves will not be putting on quite as brilliant a show this year, but I hope that I’m wrong!

September 2017 bead mat update

My bead is not finished, but it’s getting close! My time was limited, because I had to prepare for a Private, Freeform Peyote Bracelet class (I’ll put it on the schedule for early 2018), for an out-of-town student. So next on my September 2017 bead mat update, is my teaching sample for that class. I must admit, that I’m totally in love with this project, and will probably finish it sooner, rather than later! I think my freeform bead will need to wait, as the bracelet has a much louder voice!

September 2017 bead mat update

Despite all the beads I currently own, I still needed to buy more for both of these projects! Freeform is a hard taskmaster, and even though it only requires small quantities of individual beads, it does need a large range of shapes and sizes! It seems that I did not have enough, for my obsessive needs! Isn’t it good, and bad, that I work at BeadFX?

I’m on a sewing room rampage! What turned up, but a box full of fabric scraps (more than one, perhaps)!! Of course, I couldn’t throw them out, could I? A little wire + a few scraps = beads! I used yet another technique on the necklace beads (and included paper). I’m not sure which ones I like better!

September 2017 bead mat update

September 2017 bead mat update

My September 2017 bead mat update, includes an existing class, and a couple of future workshops. There’s a lot more work to be done, but I’m pleased with my progress. What’s on your bead mat today?

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