Beading emergency! To bead or not to bead?

What do you do when you have a beading emergency? Do you panic, or just buckle down and get the job done? Your time is precious, so think about this carefully!

Today is more of a blogging emergency for me! Turkey day (Canadian Thanksgiving) gifted me with an extra day, to spend quality time with some of my older projects. To my delight, I was able to put three of them to bed (sorry, only in-process photos, this week)! My freeform peyote bracelet, a freeform peyote beaded bead (the one with the fall palette), and a wire embroidered, beaded brooch. Yeah for me!! But that’s a win, you say, and not a beading emergency.

beading emergency

beading emergency

The first two projects were easy to finish, but the backing for the brooch, and some of the beads were mysteriously missing! Was my muse playing tricks on me? Did I use up the supplies on another project? Is there another stash bag, languishing in a drawer? Puzzling for sure, but not really a problem as the forms are inexpensive, and my stash plentiful! But it did put a small crimp in my plans. Easily solved by rooting in the stash, and making one small purchase from BeadFX. But what do I do with the extra top piece? Sorry, no in-progress photos of the wire beaded brooch!

Beading finished, check! Photography done, check! Blog title chosen, check! But wait!!! I could really use SLR photos of the nail polish marbled, mini pumpkins, that Amanda and I decorated! So out comes the camera, and off to work I go (hi ho, hi ho). Take the photos, pat myself on the back, then get on with the workday.

Flash forward to Tuesday! I finish a long day at work, head for home, make a few stops, then realize that I left my Canon at the office!!!!!! All of my photos are on that camera!!! Nothing had been downloaded to the computer!!! I have no photos for today!! Eek!!! What do I do?

Well, after the bad words ended, and I stopped kicking the tire, I decided to write a blog post about nothing! Sharing my woes for sure, but no real content! I hope you don’t mind?

As an apology of sorts, here’s a couple of nail polish marbling tutorials. One from, and another from The second one has a video attached! Bonus!! The pumpkin photos are courtesy of the colourmadehappy site!

Word to the wise! It’s best to use plain old nail polish, and make sure that you get some with high contrast (like say dark, bright, white, etc.). Warning! The special effects ones, may give you unexpected results, so test them first! Also, make sure you do this outside, or with very good ventilation (protect your lungs!). Amanda and I ended up dizzier than normal, even with the large exhaust fan, in the metal studio, going at full blast!

I did have one more win last weekend! I picked up my troublesome little purple doll, and chose a few new beads to finish her. Then I proceeded to bead for a bit! No promises about finishing, but at least I’ve made a start (or should I say, a re-start). Once the doll is finished, I might need to bead an environment for her (don’t let that serene face fool you, she’s a demanding little minx!), but more about that later. The bead goes on!

But there’s a rainbow at the end of this blog post! The photos of my beading emergency (err, blogging emergency) will put me ahead of the game for next week. I expect that I’ll have more stories to tell, but at least its a start!

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