Beading woes! Is this the ending, or just the beginning?

Are you familiar with the subject of beading woes? I feel that finishing a project, brings on a certain kind of emptiness. It can only be satisfied, by starting another project.

I don’t have many unfinished projects! I do have components, made for the sake of making! Stash is not the same as unfinished projects! They are teaching experiments! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!!!

Freeform peyote bracelet finished – check! I will use it as a teaching sample (early 2018). Sad to finish, but I will work on another soon! Is that a new beginning? Freeform peyote is almost as addicting as Intuitive Bead Embroidery! Heh, heh!? My students know what I mean!

beading woes

Autumn themed freeform peyote beaded bead finished – check! I like the colours, but have nothing to wear it with! No beading woes, but certainly wardrobe woes! Will I need to accessorise it with a new article of clothing? No new beginnings, until I schedule my next workshop.

beading woes

Wire beaded brooch finished – check! It’s one of my older projects, and I’m happy to see the end of it! Instead of needle and thread, I actually used wire to stitch on the beads! A fun project, but I didn’t feel the need to finish it until now, as it’s not something I would wear in the summer. Now that fall is here, I can see pairing it with either black, grey, lavender, denim blue, or even a deep, rich burgundy. I have no plans to start another of these, until I teach the next workshop. But it did start the wheels turning again, and I may do another type of beaded wire embroidery, in the future. Would this be a new beginning?

beading woes

Since last week, I’ve finished some new samples for December classes, so keep tuned! I’m even working on my little purple minx, and I hope to have her finished soon. Photos next week!

So, were my endings, really beginnings? I think so! I’m still suffering from beading woes, but I’m excited to see where my current mood (or would that be muse?) will take me! My notebook is bursting with new ideas! What about you?

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