InspirationFX: Hidden Underwater Treasures

Hidden Underwater Treasures

Designed by: Rochelle Kilmer

Well, I think it is safe to say that summer has come and gone now. Fall blew us right into winter. Windy, chilly, snowy – not yet but I can feel it coming. I can’t help but dream of the water and sandy beaches. Or more so lately, I have been thinking about all the hidden gems people have found in the deep, dark depths of the water.

Old ships,

bicycle tires, messages in a bottle,

pearls, jewellery, diamonds,

coral reefs, sharks, octopus…

There is a whole world down there many of us may never get to see. Better put learning how to snorkel and scuba diving on my bucket list.

This necklace was inspired by all that could be hiding below the surface. Heavy anchor chain tarnished and darkened by years of holding ground. Sea glass tumbled by the waves. Mussels, oysters, and scallops going about their daily business. Shells of every colour, shape and size found left behind in the sand. Fools’ gold glinting here and there.

Each strand I made separately then combined them all at the end.

Key strand:

  • 5x6mm Cable Chain – 2 foot length
  • I cut off about 3.5 inches from one end.
  • I then cut a 6 inch piece of 22 gauge non-tarnish brass wire.
  • I made a wrapped loop – before wrapping I slipped on an end link of the 3.5 inch piece of chain. Finish wrapping. If you are not comfortable doing this then you can make the wrapped loop and attach it to the chain using an appropriate sized jumpring.
  • On the piece of wire I strung an 8/0 seedbead – 3 x matte wood opalite flat chip beads – 8/0 seedbead – green apatite 12mm plug – 8/0 – 3 x flat chips – 8/0 seedbead
  • Finish with a wrapped loop – attach to link of the long piece of cable chain – or with a jumpring.
  • Find the centre point of your strand and attach the Lacy Vintage key using a 4mm jumpring.
  • Set aside.

Strung strand:

  • Cut a piece of Heavy Softflex. Approximately 2 feet.
  • String on a crimp, make a small loop and thread the same end back into the crimp – flatten with a pair of flat or chain nose pliers. Leave a little tail.
  • Start stringing on Toho 8/0 Gilded Turquoise Marble seedbeads. Cover the little tail we left (the seedbeads should easily slip over the doubled Softflex)
  • I strung on 14 inches of seedbeads before sliding on the turtle bead.
  • I then strung another 6 inches of seedbeads.
  • Put on a crimp, make a loop about the same size as your other one and thread the Softflex back into the crimp and bring your tail down through a few of the seedbeads. Make sure this strand isn’t too stiff before flattening the crimp with pliers.
  • On the oyster charm attach a 7mm jumpring to the loop. Do the same for the Nassa shell charm.
  • On a 2 inch head pin, place the cockle shell bead and an 8/0. Make a wrapped loop – I made my loop equivalent to a 7mm jumpring.
  • String on the 3 charms in the order of your preference.
  • Set aside.

Fools’ Gold strand aka the Shortest strand:

This strand I made up as I went, so it wasn’t until I finished that I knew how long each piece of chain was or exact placement of the pyrite links.

You could go about it 2 ways – you can make your links first and attach to the etched cable chain using jumprings or just kind of wing it and make your links as you attach it to the chain.

The links are made on 26 gauge non-tarnish brass wire (the 22 gauge would not go through the pyrite coins).

Left to right of the strand:

  • 3 inch piece of etched cable chain
  • Link – make a wrapped loop and attach to end of the 3 inch piece of chain. On the wire string an 8/0 – pyrite coin – 8/0 – coin – 8/0 – coin – 8/0 – wrapped loop
  • Attach to a 6 inch piece of chain
  • Link – make a wrapped loop to the last link of the 6 inch piece of chain. On the wire string an 8/0 – pyrite coin – 8/0 -wrapped loop
  • Attach to a 3 inch piece of chain
  • Link – make a wrapped loop to the last link of the 3 inch piece of chain. On the wire string an 8/0 – pyrite coin – 8/0 – wrapped loop
  • Attach to another 3 inch piece of chain

So in total I had 3 x 3inch pieces of chain and 1 x 6 inch piece, 1 link with 3 pyrite coins and 2 links made with 1 pyrite coin each.

  • Find centre of this strand and attach the Guadalupe charm using a 7mm jumpring.

Bring together all of the strands you have made. They should all be different lengths. The longest being about 16 inches to the bottom of the key, the shortest about 9.5 inches to the bottom of the charm.

I had 1 foot of the large etched cable chain – I cut it in half to make 2 x 6 inch pieces.

Open a 7mm jumpring and attach the ends of the 6 inch pieces of chain as well as an end of each of the pre-done strands. Do the same for the other side. Now you should be able to slide your hidden treasure necklace over your head. No need for a clasp, unless you would like to work it into your design. You can add more or less treasures based on your preference. The possibilities are endless.


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Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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