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Simplicity in Red

Designed by: Anne Marie Desaulniers

There are times when life gets complicated, and you need a little simplicity in your life! Dress it up, or dress it down, it’s very wearable! It’s also my reaction to the new Swarovski colour “Scarlet”. I simply love it!


1. Cut a generous length of 20-gauge wire (approximately 7 inches)

2. Make a wrapped loop on one end.

3. Add 5 – 8 mm SW Faceted Rounds

4. Make a wrapped loop on the second end.

5. Cut excess wire.

6. Cut two lengths of chain – 7 1/2 inches each

7. Insert G-S Hypo Cement applicator, into one End Cap with Loop for Beading Chain

8. Insert one end of chain, into one End Cap with Loop

9. Squeeze End Cap with Loop with chain nose pliers (crimping or flat nose pliers could also be used). You will need to squeeze fairly hard, to flatten End Cap slightly.

10. Set aside to dry.

11. Repeat steps 7 through 10, for second length of chain.

12. Add End Cap with Loop to the other end of each chain, repeating steps 7 through 10.

13. Let dry overnight.

14. Connect one end of wire wrapped segment, to one End Cap with Loop, with a 4 mm jump ring. Close jump ring.

15. Connect second end of wire wrapped segment, to another End Cap with Loop, with a 4 mm jump ring. Close jump ring.

16. Connect one 6 mm jump ring, to End Cap with Loop (at the end of the chain). Close jump ring

17. Connect a second 6 mm jump ring, to the remaining End Cap with Loop, and then to the 12 mm Lobster Claw. Close jump ring.

18. Gently bend the wire wrapped segment into a gentle curve (to fit your neck better).

Congratulations, your necklace is complete!

Tools Used:

Chain nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Flush cutters



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