A beaded surprise! Plus other whimsies.

What better way to resolve a gift giving dilemma, than completing a beaded surprise?

I drew our fearless leader’s name, for our annual Secret Santa exchange! Yikes! What do you buy for a person who owns a bead store? It’s problem solving time, but then again, it’s an awful lot of fun!!! The $ limit is low, but we are encouraged make a handmade little something! Thinking cap on, then tune quickly to a beaded surprise. Yep! That’s the ticket! It’s not like I’m not personally flush with beads! Blush!

A trip to the beach, a couple of weeks ago, garnered more driftwood, and some nice sized rocks! Lightbulb moment!! Why don’t I bead a rock? I bet she doesn’t have one of those little art pieces in her inventory!! LOL!
I’ve always thought that beading a rock would be fun. Rocks are natural, they’re free, and come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. I selected a palm sized, round one, especially for the boss!

beaded surprise

beaded surprise

In the past, I have glued beads to a small stone, and have also tried sticking them down with Huichol wax. I had some success with both methods, but they still didn’t satisfy my craving for the perfect rock! One rock + freeform peyote + her favourite colours = the perfect rock! Okay, perhaps I’m being a little big headed, but I do love the results! Stone + beads + needle + Fireline + a winging it technique = a beaded surprise! It was a bit hefty to work with, but I persevered.

The rock was delivered on Monday, and I believe that Marg may be adopting it as her new pet! I wonder if the cats care? Probably not!

As for the other whimsies, I’ve been playing around with pen, paint, and ink, for some of my paper swaps. The little mini-cards were hand drawn, and accented with gold paint. All three (plus many more bits and pieces of paper), are now winging their way to Germany!

beaded surprise

I love to paint, but don’t find the time to do enough of it. Another November activity, was a post card exchange. This time I played around with gesso, soft gel medium, paper, acrylic inks, and my Gelli Plate. My favourite three, are now in the mail to Germany, France, and Australia. May their passage be swift (because I certainly wasn’t)! The other two, are just waiting for addresses. For more info on paper swaps of this type, please check out The Paper Swap Blog. As I’ve said before, it’s an awful lot of fun, and they’re always looking for new participants. We serial crafters, need to stick together!

beaded surprise

I gifted these bookmarks last Christmas, but I still think they’re the perfect little gift. BeadFX carries a nice range of metal bookmarks. Grab some while you can!

beaded surprise

A beaded surprise can be as simple, or complicated as you like! Make a few to gift, but don’t forget to shop for yourself as well. Don’t you deserve a little surprise? By the way, if you’re wondering if there will be more rocks in my future, the answer is a resounding yes!

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