December 2017 Bead Mat Update: Ending the year with a whisper!

My December 2017 Bead Mat Update, is the perfect ending to the year! My muse is quietly whispering in my ear, and that bodes well for 2018!

Did you make any holiday gifts this year? I did, but not as many as previous years. Why, you ask? Timing, inspiration, lazy muse, work, or perhaps just a lack of steam! All contributed, but no excuses allowed.

December 2017 Bead Mat Update

Unfortunately, no photos of my away gifts, but here are some simple earrings I made. Isn’t it amazing, how you can turn sparkles, and a little sterling chain, into a simple, but elegant gift? I love them so much, that I even made myself a pair! Guess which one?

December 2017 Bead Mat Update

I love being lazy on Boxing Day! Sleeping in, sappy movies, snacking, and catching up on some of my shows, is always the name of the game. But I couldn’t just sit there, could I? Bead embroidery is always the perfect solution, to extended couch time! This piece was started in November, but I just haven’t had a chance to work on it since. Do you want to bet that it will be finished before New Years Day? BTW, the cabochon is one of mine, and I’ll be teaching a class in this technique, in January!

December 2017 Bead Mat Update

I do have another item on my December 2017 Bead Mat Update, but its a secret! I love it, but you’ll need to wait. The big reveal will be ready soon, but I promise you, that this project is very different. It’s also tons of fun!!

Baby its cold outside! Around -13 C when I got up on Boxing Day, and -14 C now! Toronto has snow (with more to come), and why wouldn’t I want to bundle up, and take a short walk, on a cold winter day? After all, I am Canadian!! I was even tempted to stroll around Edwards Gardens, but thought better of it, then took a short nap, until the feeling passed! LOL!

December 2017 Bead Mat Update

Not bead mat related, but one other item of note, is the 2018, Pantone colour of the year. Ta da!! It’s Ultra Violet!!! Purple of any sort = one of the most popular colours around. Why not crown it the colour of the year? It’s prominent in the stores, and it’s been sneaking into some of my projects! I know several people that will be ecstatic! Violet, and purples of all types, are readily available on the BeadFX website. All you need to do is search!

December 2018 Bead Mat Update

My December 2017 Bead Mat Update, is my last post for 2017! I’m a little sad, to ring out the old year, but I’m happy to ring in 2018, with a new raft of creative shenanigans. Be safe, be happy, be creative, and I’ll see you next year!

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