Creativity Secrets: Nuturing your muse!

What are creativity secrets, and why doesn’t your muse know more about them? Shouldn’t they be easy to spot?

Think like a child, then open yourself up to the freedom to play! Who says that everything that we do, needs to be dead serious?

creativity secrets

Have you considered working in another medium? It might wake your muse up, and help you to work through creativity blocks! Besides, it could be a whole lot of fun!

creativity secrets

Get down, and get dirty!!! If not mud, then try finger painting. Design some jewelery, based on your painted output!

creativity secrets

Immerse yourself in colour! If you normally work in blues, why not grab some other colours? Choose two or three others, but be careful, they might become your new favourites!

Relax, read a book, then visualize how you would interpret the words in colour. Pull out your beads, and make something spectacular!

Take a walk in the park! Clear your head, and get in touch with nature. Take some photographs. On the creativity secrets scale, Mother earth ranks number one!!! At least for me, she does! Go home and sort your beads!

creativity secrets

Sign up for a class, and watch your neighbour carefully (but don’t stalk them, because that’s just creepy!). How does their approach, differ from yours? What have you learned from the experience? After you leave the class, start another project, in someone else’s style (or colours).

Visit a beach! Okay, it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but you could stay in your car! How does the cold and ice, change your perception of the water? Then, try interpreting these feelings, into a piece of work. I have ideas on this particular theme, but mine would be a combination of fibre and beads! Isn’t that what I’m all about?


creativity secrets

What are you feeling right now? Work through, and interpret your emotions in beads (or paint, or cloth, or paper, or something else entirely). Don’t be scared to let your inner self out!

Open a magazine, then tear out the first picture that catches your eye! What interests you in that photograph? Write down all the colours? Choose three of them to work with!

Be brave, and don’t be afraid to fail!

Have you ever kept a journal? If not, why not? Think about it for a while, then start either a beading, or artistic one. Consider it a diary, then fill it full of your creativity secrets!! Lock it up, but don’t let anyone peek! It’s a record of your own personal journey.

creativity secrets

Here’s the thing about creativity secrets, they’re all within you! Open your eyes, think about it for a while, but then give your trust to your muse (even when she’s naughty). She’ll be there, no matter what you do, and if you just believe! Listen to the whispers of your imagination! They will rarely steer you wrong!

creativity secrets


  1. Beth-near Louisville KY

    Great list of ways to find inspiration… of course starting something new is another one!!! Even if you have a huge pile of things that you are working on!!!

    1. Anne Marie

      Thanks Beth! Ignoring the pile, and starting something new, is always good for the muse! She just needs to get her act in gear, then set a plan to finish up the rest of the projects. Right? Of course, finishing, is not as good as starting! At least for some of us!!!

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