InspirationFX: Peachy Keen Jelly Bean

Peachy Keen Jelly Bean

Designed by: Chelle Kilmer

I wanted to take a twist on something classic. Pearls are classic and I love them. Natural and organic freshwater pearls, Swarovski pearls in their near perfectness, even teeny, tiny, glass pearls! Have you checked out our 2mm glass pearls? They come in the most amazing colour selection and such a perfect size for almost every project. I truly believe there might actually be a pearl for every occasion!

But this time around it was the twisted Swarovski pearls that caught my eye! A soft, warm, peachy glow beckoned me over to their corner of the store. I couldn’t resist their call. From there, well let’s just say the rest is history!

Please note, we DO have these pearls available in the store, just not online yet!

Swarovksi 8x9mm Curved Pearl??? Peach?? $6.85/10 pieces

If you are interested in ordering them, please do not hesitate to inquire with us about getting them added to your order.

Making the Dangles

  • Place 1 curved/twisted pearl on a ball headpin. Make a wrapped loop. Do this 4 times in total.
  • Place 1 curved/twisted pearl and 1- 6mmSwarovski pearl on a ball headpin. Make a wrapped loop. This one is the centre dangle. *If you wanted all your dangles with the round pearl you can do that, or if you don’t like the extra pearl, make 5 dangles in Step 1. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.
  • Set aside for stringing

Stringing Peachy Keen

  • Cut approx. 10-12 inches of Softflex. Put a bead stopper on one end. This will stop your beads from sliding off, but also allow you access to both ends while designing a pattern.


  • String on your beads.


The pattern I choose as follows left to right: 5mm sterling round, 2x 6mm Swarovski round, 1x 6mm White Opal Brandy crystal, 3x 6mm pearl, dangle, 3x 6mm pearl, dangle, 1x crystal, 1x 6mmsterling bead, 1x crystal, CENTRE dangle (with round pearl), 1x crystal, 1x 6mmsterling bead, 1x crystal, dangle, 3x 6mm pearl, dangle, 3x 6mm pearl, 1xcrystal, 2x 6mm pearl, 1x 5mm sterling bead.


  • Make sure your bead stopper is on one end and is secure, when you begin to crimp the ends.
  • On the end without the stopper, string on a crimp tube.
  • String on your clasp; in this case I put the Softflex through the jumpring that came with the lobster claw.
  • Loop the end of Softflex, back down through the crimp and a few beads; this secures the clasp to the bracelet.
  • Flatten the crimp tube with a pair of flat or chain nose pliers, when you are happy with the size of loop.
  • Trim the tail of Softflex, as close the bead it is coming out of. Careful not to catch a piece of the Softflex your bracelet is strung on.
  • On the other end, remove the bead stopper and string on a crimp. As well as a jumpring or split ring for the lobster claw to attach to.
  • Loop the end of Softflex back down through the crimp and a couple of beads. This time make sure that there is soft, flowing movement throughout the bracelet before you flatten. If the beads are too tight, they will rub and crack against each other. I like to bend it into a circle,like I was putting it around my wrist, to make sure it’s loose enough. But too loose, and it will show a lot of Softflex between the beads.
  • When your happy with it, flatten the crimp.

Now your Peachy Keen Jelly Bean!







Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!

Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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