Carrier Beads – we have ’em

Not a huge quantity in stock yet – but we do have more on the way. So, for now – snap these up while we have them!

s57771 Finding - Acrylic Carrier Beads - Grey (10) s57772 Finding - Acrylic Carrier Beads - Light Blue (10)

s57773 Finding - Acrylic Carrier Beads - Clear (10)s57774 Finding - Acrylic Carrier Beads - Dark Amber (10)

If you are thinking “WTF is a carrier bead?” (trust me, you are not alone on this) – then you have to look at this! The idea is to make an even-count peyote strip, 6 beads across and 50 rows long, using Delica 11/0s, and then wrap it around the bead and stitch the strip closed into a loop. Make a bunch, string them together as a bracelet or necklace – et voila! Bob’s yer uncle.

It’s the hottest new thing since pre-sliced bread.

But that’s not all that is new this week! Also new – more of the Zoliduos – Left and Right. Zoliduos are a curvy, paisley-shape, that make for some truly interesting designs using their mirror-image curves. They are part of the two-hole family of shaped beads, which have opened up so many new design possibilities.

s57469 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Zoliduo - RIGHT - Turquoise Greens57468 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Zoliduo - RIGHT - Alabaster Lila Gold

Hey – Sale Alert 20% on the Czech Seedbeads! Just two weeks! Ends Feb 28.

65043002 Czech Seedbeads - 10/0 Seedbead - Transparent Harlequin Green/Yellow (hank)65043000 Czech Seedbeads - 10/0 Seedbead - Transparent Fire Opal (hank)65001208 Czech Seedbeads - 10/0 Seedbead - Transparent Lime (hank)


As always – you can view all interesting new stuff on the website here. Because there is more new stuff, but I know that I lost you to cruising Pinterest looking at carrier bead patterns.

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