March 2018 Bead Mat Update: A study in contrasts!

I started thinking about my March 2018 bead mat update a couple of weeks ago! However, I wasn’t able to settle down and do anything about it until now! Horrors! I almost missed updating you!!

March has been a very busy month! I’m like a butterfly, flitting around, but not really settling in any one place for long. As I’ve said before, I need focus! I may have found a way to clear my head and corral my mind a little.

I believe that I showed you my Stitch Meditations before, but I’ve started adding beads to some of them. These little fibre goodies, settle my mind, and do allow me to focus. They’re like a palate cleanser for the brain! Ideas are flying, and not just for fabric. Beads also make a huge appearance in my fantasies!

march 2018 bead mat update


I’ll be sharing the process in a short two-hour workshop, at BeadFX, in May. I have lots of fabric to share, and I promise that beads will be involved. Honestly, it’s like Zen for the mind! I just started this in February, and I’m already up to Stitch Meditation #25! I love it!! Don’t ask me what they will be, when they grow up, because I don’t know the answer to that yet! But I do have ideas!!

Next up on my March 2018 bead mat update, is my latest freeform peyote bracelet. I started this in a class I taught in February, but until recently, hadn’t even picked up the needle again. As blue is my favourite colour, I figure that it will work up quickly! No more languishing on the bead mat, for this beauty! Summer is coming, so Mama needs a new bracelet!

March 2018 bead mat update

You may not know this, but I have tons of fun in my classes! When my students love the process, I’m a very happy camper. After all, colour is the best therapy!

I taught two workshops in March. One involved Ice Resin, and the next Pebeo Fantasy Paints (with a resin demo, for after the paints dry). Bezels were filled, fingers got sticky, chuckles were had, and play was involved. All in all, very satisfying!!

My demo pieces for the Ice Resin:

March 2018 bead mat update

Pebeo Fantasy Paints:

March 2018 bead mat update

If there’s one thing that I learned from my March 2018 bead mat update, is that I must remember to take the time to play! According to Thomas Edison, “play is the essential feature in productive thought”. First you play, the lightbulb goes off, then the ideas will come!!

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