Twist and Hex … or The Endless Band Looms

Well, Bead it up Baby
Twist and Hex
Come on, come on, come, come on bead it now
Come on and bead it next
ooooo, aaaaahh ….

Get your bead on … feel the bead … let your fingers dance to the rhythm …

New this week – we’ve added the Miyuki Twisted Hex Cut size 10/0s.

The twisted and faceted shape make for an interesting visual texture, and a more unpredictable play of light. Unpredictable is good, right? Oooo, shiney.

Ask not for whom the bead looms – it looms for thee!

If you are currently being torn between making easy-peasy stretchy-bracelets, and a deep seated love of weaving and all things loomy – then, boy howdy – have we got something for YOU!

Stretchy Bands for the Endless Loom.

I’m just going to hang that out there for a couple of minutes while you process that.


s59559 Tools - 6 inch Bands for Endless Loom - Black (72)s59565 Tools - 7 inch Bands for Endless Loom - Clear (50)s59567 Tools - 8 inch Bands for Endless Loom - Black (36)

Stretchy bands for the endless loom.

Yep – you can make woven stretchy bracelets – no need for a clasp. #braceletobsession

s52338 Tools - Beading Loom - Endless Loom

If you are not familiar with the endless loomcheck out this video featuring Deb Moffat-Hall – the inventor, as she walks you through everything you need to know in about 5 minutes.



If you are, or, quite frankly, even if you are not, check out this video – about 6 mins – on how to use the stretchy bands on the endless loom. It’s easy.


Stretchy bands for the endless loom – in black and clear, three bracelet sizes, and in two package sizes.



And if you want to get looming with some of the interesting shapes – then ON SALE THIS WEEK! Shaped Beads – two hole and other shaped beads – 20% off!

So get your bead on, listen to the beads, and bead on – baby.

As always – the new stuff is all here!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!


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