Beads can add years to your life

Add years and improve the quality of your life.

Repetitive motion activities, like stringing beads, bead weaving, lampworking, hammering metal, even sorting and picking out beads, can trigger a state of “flow” in your brain, in the same way that meditation can. In addition to making an already happy person happier, it is also effective for dealing with stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system (the involuntary system that controls heart beat, blood pressure, etc.), and – in turn – quieting the “fight or flight” response.

Because we all have stress in our lives. We might not be chased by lions and tigers and bears, but stress is stress – the body can’t tell the difference between high blood pressure caused by needing to leg it up a tree to escape rabid panthers or trying not lose it when you look at your wireless bill.

So when you think that your hobby makes you happy – it’s not your imagination – it’s backed up by some serious science!

In the spirit of encouraging you to be happy, live a longer, more fulfilling life by indulging yourself in your favourite hobby – I present: this week’s new stuff: 😉

Yes – #braceletobsession and #stretchybracelet strike again – with

25003057 Stringing - .68 mm x 10 m Stretch Bead Cord - Black (Spool)black stretch cord – because black is a good enough reason.

And – tada – bigger crimp/knot covers!

These crimp covers, now in 5 mm, 6 mm, and 7 mm, in bright silver and gold plated, are big enough to cover your biggest knots, and also make excellent covers for knots on the end of leather – make a nice professional end to leather and other cords. I am loving these for my stretchy bracelets – the crimp cover hides the knot in the cord and adds to the look of the bracelet.

s59575 Findings - Crimps - 7 mm Crimp Covers - Bright Silver (24)s59576 Findings - Crimps - 7 mm Crimp Covers - Gold plated (24)

On the multi-hole, shaped-bead front – for those of you fascinated with the design possibilities of the ever-expanding range of shapes, or are just looking for the missing bead for the pattern you just downloaded – we have the new

Ava Beads …


and RounTrios

s59338 Shaped Beads - Ava Beads - Crystal Capri Full Coat (20)

The Ava beads confused the heck out of me at first. I mean – they look really intriquing but the description of them said they had 3 holes, and for the life of me – I could not find a third hole. Then I realized that the hole that is across the top of the V shape is actually two holes – one in each “arm” – if you will. I was counting it as a single hole. What that says about me, I’m not entirely sure. I’m hoping at least one person out there is thinkig – “me too – that’s what I thought” which will compensate for everyone else thinking, “there’s something not quite right about her … .”

s59343 Shaped Beads - 3 Hole RounTrio - Chalk White Teal Luster (50)The RounTrios also look pretty interesting as a button-dot-middle-of-things kind of connectory-type-bead with genuinely three holes in it. Some smooth, some faceted.




On the One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) front – we have some more really quite fabulous quartz and amethyst crystal pieces. These are unique, and once they are gone, poof – that’s it.

s59034 Stone - OOAK - Half Round Slice Pendant - Quartz Amethyst Crystals59035 Stone - OOAK - Half Round Slice Pendant - Quartz Amethyst Crystals59032 Stone - OOAK - Half Round Slice Pendant - Quartz Amethyst Crystal

s59037 Stone - OOAK - Rectangle Slice Pendant Pair - Quartz Amethyst Crystal (pair)s59038 Stone - OOAK - Rectangle Slice Pendant Pair - Quartz Amethyst Crystal (pair)s59039 Stone - OOAK - Rectangle Slice Pendant Pair - Quartz Amethyst Crystal (pair)


Also new this week – 2 new colours in the Frosted Glass Rounds. We actually have this entire category on sale – 25% off – so new, and on sale! Can’t beat that!

s59718 Frosted Glass - 8 mm Round Beads - Snow White (strand)s59719 Frosted Glass - 8 mm Round Beads - Wood Smoke (strand)

Holiday closing. We are Closed Monday – Sept 3, for Labour Day but, as always – our trusty computers will be standing by to take your online orders! Stay safe, stay cool, have fun. If the heat and the humidity get to you – go hide in the basement and shop online for beads. 😉


As always – the new stuff is all here!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!


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