A Sneak Peek at the New Swarovski Update – Part 2

continued …

A new shape in the fancy rhinestones. This is the Imperial cut – which is based on the (fairly) famous Asscher diamond cut. Famous to folks who go around remembering the names of diamond cuts, that is.

Here you can see that Swarovski is inspired to create cuts to represent all the famous traditional – and some of the new – diamond cuts. While you aren’t likely to get yourself Swarovski stones for a wedding ring – there is no reason why you can’t have a really nice cocktail ring without breaking the bank. Maybe cocktail ring needs a new name, but a flashy ring and a killer manicure and a glass of whine with the gals is a good way to celebrate getting older and better, if not too gracefully.

Here they are in person.

And there will be mounts for them too.

Back to those Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearls.

The flat back cabochons and pearls. Some ideas of what do to with the new shapes.

Here you can see the difference in the profile.

And these are possibly the most exciting part of the new update – the 2 mm pearls. Use as an alternate to seed pearls? – they will be available in the most common Swarovski pearl colours.



New innovations in the adhesion of cabochons and rhinestones – an alternate to hot fix. Cold Fix.

Cold Fix has a pressure sensitive film and can be used on fabrics that are too delicate or heat-sensitive for Hot Fix.



There was some discussion about “1-2-3 custom” – a trend in the millennial marketplace. A generation has grown up without a lot of the hand-making skills of the previous generations, and are re-discovering the satisfaction of making and customizing. While this segment is keen to make things – they often don’t know how. As a bridge to full on classes and lengthy projects, some places are offering customizations that can be as simple as picking out your slogan or initials, applying it to the bag/backpack/etc of your choice, and adding some custom tags or charms.

Food for thought.

This post is long and large.

We’ll continue with part 3.


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