A Sneak Peek at the New Swarovski Update – Part 3

Ok – here we go with part 3 of impressions and tidbits from the Swarovski launch.

Next up is the “Metallic Cap Pendant.” This is a pear-shaped drop bead, with a light chrome effect on a large portion of the pendant, over about 1/3 of the top, giving it the appearance of having a metallic bead cap custom fitted.

The coating is just on one side, so it looks a bit more ethereal from the back. Still cool, however. Currently – just in Lt Chrome, nothing in gold.

Now here’s a thing that has some cool potential. The pointed chaton, a faceted crystal, tiny, no hole. Possibly uses, encrusting onto epoxy clay (because they are the same front and back, you don’t have to make sure they are flipped and correctly oriented like a pointed back stone. Fill in pendants. Yes


Swarovski has been very resistant to selling loose stones like this in the past, and it’s good to see that they have decided to offer them.

This is a new sew on stone – and with it’s flat back – it was pointed out that if you put two of them back to back, you have a crystal link … hmmm.

The lacquer pro colour on crystal mesh. Whip together a slinky dress out of this for your next jaunt down the red carpet, eh?

Over view of the launch – ok – truly an awful photo

Settings for stones …

And onto the trend watch …

– he makes knitting look hard …

interesting …

kool idea … brooches worn in clusters and unusual locations …

Ok – here are a bunch of random photos from the Swarovski “flags.” Each presentation has these “flags”? – which are gorgeous little pieces of art unto themselves. They are handmade, usually they are being worked on right up to the last moment, and display the new products in interesting and inspirational ways. And they are very, very exclusive.

This year – Swarovskis trends explore 4 themes: Check yourself, find yourself, excess yourself, dress yourself – all under the overarching theme of “Be Your Self.”

“Check yourself” – literally – a trend to checks, plaids, tweeds, tartans, and patterns. Of course, dressing them up and combining them in unusual ways. And oddly enough, I did spot this trend happening at the TIFF premiere I went to last week – which is about as trendy a place as I am ever likely to get these days.

These are fabricated with rhinestones and fancy stone. Note the careful effort to make the embellishments NOT perfectly line up with the existing patterns.

Find yourself – in nature. Beetles and butterflies and bugs and bees abound.


OK – A French bulldog in a rhinestone necklace. 😉 Just because.

Excess yourself – or, as I have been saying for the last two decades – go big or go home.


Overall – we think the new pearl colour is a winner, that the tiny 2 mm pearls will be hot, and there may well be an encrusting of the double pointed chatons happening. 😉 And nobody needed to tell me that more IS more.

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