New Glass Carriers & Slender Miyuki Bugles

Carrier Beads – A two-hole rectangular bead that you can use by itself – or as a base for a peyote stitched seedbead band. Now we have more colours, so the options for using them without the embellishment increase!

27801774-13 Finding - Glass Carrier Beads - Carrot Cloud (strand 15)27801774-14 Finding - Glass Carrier Beads - Turquoise (strand 15)27801774-15 Finding - Glass Carrier Beads - Turquoise Blue (strand 15)

27801774-02 Finding - Glass Carrier Beads - Capri Blue (strand 15)27801773-04 Finding - Glass Carrier Beads - Chalk White/ Red Luster Fullcoat (strand 15)27801770-02 Finding - Glass Carrier Beads - Crystal/ Iris Vega Fullcoat (strand 15)

And you might want some of our new colourful magnetic clasps to finish off those carrier bead bracelets –

s59740 Clasp - Magnetic - Acrylic Magnet Round - Matte Golds59741 Clasp - Magnetic - Acrylic Magnet Round - Matte Silvers59743 Clasp - Magnetic - Acrylic Magnet Round - Matte Iridescent Bronzes59744 Clasp - Magnetic - Acrylic Magnet Round - Matte Blue



We don’t want to blow our horn, but bugles are a blast! We just added the 6 mm Miyuki Slender Bugles – in 10 gram tubes, or in 250 gram packs – in case you are beading a wedding dress or a bunch of Christmas ornaments!

mb136b401FR Japanese Seedbeads - 1.3 x 6 mm Miyuki Bugles - Matte Black ABmb136b462 Japanese Seedbeads - 1.3 x 6 mm Miyuki Bugles - Metallic Gold Irismb136b401 Japanese Seedbeads - 1.3 x 6 mm Miyuki Bugles - Opaque Black

Bugles are – if you are not aware – a long thin cylinder of glass – some smooth, some twisted, some with flattened surfaces. They come in a variety of colours and finishes, just like seedbeads. They date back to the late 1800s, where their primary usage was to decorate clothing – evening dresses – and purses.

They are still useful to good effect in embellishing clothing, shoes (Dorothy’s ruby slippers!), home decor (lampshade fringes), Christmas ornaments, as well as in bead weaving, embroidery, stringing, looming, and other jewelry applications.

One useful thing to know is that the ends may be a little sharp (bugles are made by taking an even longer tube of glass, and cutting it), so be sure and use a strong thread, or, if possible, use a seedbead next to any place where the thread bends over the end of the bugle. Did that make sense? But don’t let that scare you – most patterns that call for bugles take this into account.

We have Czech made (Preciosa) bugles and Toho bugles as well.


Speaking of not being scared – our Spooky Dark and Stormy Sale is still on!

25% off ? spooky savings until Halloween!


I love October, and all the colours and the surprising weather and the sense of suspense ? like – what should I wear today? Shorts or Parka?

To celebrate October and all the ghoulish goodies that implies ? were selecting some thematically relevant dark and stormy items for sale!

Gunmetal and Black Metal Beads and Findings? Grunge gets glamorous and goth grows up. Dracula really digs this stuff. Sometimes the perfect accent is just to blend into the background. Looks amazing with red beads.

s45266 Diamond Pendant - Graceful Feather Pendant - Coloured Diamonds / Gunmetal23610894 Findings - Earring - Leverback - Plain - Gunmetal (Pair)s37620 Chain - 7 mm Rolo Chain - Black (Inch)

Maybe a little rubber to go with that look? Rubber tubing, the cord (solid) can string/weave/knot ? the tubing is hollow ? run wire or beading cable or memory wire through it. Or just string on it too.

s39594 Stringing - 2 mm Rubber Cord - Black (foot)

What is Halloween without a few skulls kicking around? It takes a head to get ahead, you know – that’s using the old noggin.

2775750s38824 Swarovski Bead - 19 mm Faceted Skull (5750) - Crystal AB2775750s38825 Swarovski Bead - 19 mm Faceted Skull (5750) - Jet2775750s38827 Swarovski Bead - 13 mm Faceted Skull (5750) - Crystal

And how about some black stones ? on the theme of so hot that its cool ? Lava!

s58982 Stone Beads - 10 x 14 mm Rectangular Pebbles - Black Lava (strand)s58983 Stone Beads - 18 mm Round-ish - Black Lava

For a more polished look? You cant beat Onyx – so glossy and shiny! Unless it is matte.

s59734 Stone Beads - 8 mm Faceted Rondelles - Matte Black Onyx (strand)s59721 Stone Beads - 6 mm Round - Matte Black Onyx (strand)s59304 Stone Beads - 8 mm Faceted Round - Onyx (strand)

Hematite – a dark glossy grey – well – not anymore because now you can get it in all sorts of colours due to sophisticated coating techniques. It makes a good stone, it makes a good base too.

s47914 Stone Beads - 8 x 12 mm Skull - Gold Plated Hematites56428 Stone - Dragon Scales - Hematite (strand)s59272 Stone Beads - 4 mm Round - Rose Gold Metallic Hematite (strand)

If we’re doing the hematite, how about the magnetic hematite? You can always stick to your fridge until you need them. 😉

27633001 Magnetic Hematite - 4 mm Round - Hematite (strand)27633016 Magnetic Hematite - 6 x 8 mm Diamond Cut Hexagonal Tube - Hematite (strand)27633004 Hematite - 10 mm Round - Magnetic Hematite (strand)
Remember – Midnight Oct 31st – these savings will die! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!



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