October 2018 Bead Mat Update: This and that!

My October 2018 Bead Mat Update was almost a bust! Once again, I don’t have that many finished projects to show. Sigh! What’s up with that?

Then I started to list everything I’ve accomplished (err, purchased) in the month. That’s where it all began.

october 2018 bead mat updateoctober 2018 bead mat updateI spent Thanksgiving up north, with family! During that period, I did manage to re-string a necklace, and finish another of my Stitch Meditations (#97). The necklace is a combination of Czech seed beads, and some Rose Gold plated Hematite. I loved the combination, when I spotted it on the wrist of one of our customers! I had to buy more beads, but that wasn’t exactly a hardship! The necklace is 30 inches in length, and can also be used as a wrap bracelet.




The background of the first Stitch Meditation is a freeform machine embroidery sample, that I made years ago. All it needed was a few stitches, and a bit of sari silk! The end result is one of my favourites.

october 2018 bead mat updateMy next Stitch Meditation is a scrap from an old housecoat, that I kept in the back of the closet for way too many years. I had big plans, but just ended up working with the simplicity of wonky cross stitches. I guess I just didn’t have it in me to get complicated with this one!


october 2018 bead mat updateOne of the things I like to do, when I visit Sault Ste Marie, is to visit Shabby Motley Handcrafts. A wonderful yarn, craft, and coffee shop destination, run by the wife, of my B-I-L’s nephew (whew!). I’m not a knitter, but do admit to have purchased both yarn and sari silk from her in the past. This time I limited myself to some yummy-coloured wool roving, that will be perfect for the Needle-felted Landscape Pendant class that I’m teaching this Saturday.

Not that I really needed any more roving, but you know how it is. If it’s not shiny, it should be colourful, and then it definitely needs a place in the stash! Yes, I do enable you, but don’t worry, I also tempt myself!

BeadFX was a vendor at the Grand River Bead Society in Guelph this past weekend. So next on my October 2018 Bead Mat Update, are a few purchases I made. Heh, heh! I must admit that Amanda spent more than I did, but I think I made a pretty fair showing!

october 2018 bead mat updateFirst up, the temptation of Labradorite!!! I spotted this hefty piece, at the Earthy Girl booth (Amanda H.) when we were in the middle of setting up the show. It’s one of my favourite stones, and the blue flash in this one is amazing, so how could I resist?

october 2018 bead mat updateNext, from Yellow Bird Creations (the booth right next to Earthy Girl), a few stone purchases. I lusted after the Turquoise first, then spotted the Azurite. Now I need to whip up a few earrings. Later, I noticed the Picasso Jasper. No real plans, but I do like the black and white combination.

october 2018 bead mat updateI spotted these black/cream bullseye beads from Karibu Beads, but almost forgot to purchase them. Necklace components I think, but I do reserve the right to change my mind.

october 2018 bead mat updateMy final purchases (or were they the second to last purchases?) are finished jewellery. Two rings, from the booth right next to Yellow Bird. I’m sorry that I didn’t get their card, but they had some amazing finished jewellery, at very affordable prices. It’s all Amanda’s fault! She bought a larger version of the Labradorite one, and of course, I was jealous, so needed to own one as well. The second ring is Amanda H.’s fault (Earthy Girl)! She asked if I had seen the wonderful Kyanite at their booth, and of course I had to look! After all, blue is my favourite colour!!! The Labradorite ring also sports a wonderful blue flash, so I’m happy as a clam! As I simply couldn’t decide between the two rings, I decided to buy them both.


My October 2018 Bead Mat Update is full of possibilities, but contains very little actual work. But I won’t worry, as there are times, when we just need a break! Perhaps it’s the changing of the seasons, or just because I’m getting close to my 100th Stitch Meditation deadline for the series. What about you? Are you in a creativity lull/slump, or still working in high gear? Inquiring minds want to know!

One last thing, I worked on this at the show, it’s a work in progress … there will be a class early December. It’s a free-form peyote project.

October 2018 bead mat update