Bead-A-Muse: What is this?

What do you think of the term Bead-a-Muse? Or perhaps I should call it Craft-a-Muse?

I was actually thinking of writing about collecting beads, in this blog post (and believe me, I do!). However, my ideas tend to be fluid, so somehow collecting ended up as a post about Bead-a-Muse.

When I Googled Bead-a-Muse, it came up with a variety of very different images, including dolls, some beaded objects, and a collection of miscellaneous images. Not exactly what I was looking for!!! Here’s my first muse – Fibrella!! Some have even called her my alter-ego!


Could it be our inner voice, telling us that it’s time to be creative? Studies have proven that crafting is good for your health (lowers blood pressure, etc.)! Beading is just one part of it, but I love it all!!! Quite frankly, I think that it preserves my sanity, and certainly lowers my stress levels. Although I’m sure that some would argue that fact!

I’ve been a crafter (and later an artist), for most of my life! It started with a little sewing of clothing, art in high school, fancy wrapping of wedding gifts, and flower arranging (my mother made me do it!). I did the requisite paint-by-numbers, a touch of crochet, rug hooking (latch hook), and collage. Not to forget all of the pencil crayons that I wore out, colouring maps in grade school!!! Don’t you just love the smell of fresh pencil shavings?


Image – – not mine of course, because who saved them?

I made clothing (my own, and also for children), dolls, and cushions, despite never really taking a formal sewing lesson.

When I moved to Toronto, I graduated to quilting, fibre art, bead, hand, and silk ribbon embroidery. Then wet felting, needle felting, paper bowls, jewelry, and the fascinating world of mixed media! But that’s not all!! I’ve even dabbled in stained glass, polymer clay, enamelling on metal, and metalsmithing (but I’m too lazy to do all that filing).



I’ve never scrapbooked, or learned how to knit, but I do buy paper and wool!!!

Nature dyeing (on fabric, and paper) fascinates me, as does recycling, and working with found objects! But what I love most of all, is problem solving! That I can do, by mixing up all of the above!!! What’s a girl to do? It’s all so tempting!!!

Not many follow my path, but I do try to encourage creativity in the classes that I offer. You don’t need to just take just mine though, as BeadFX has a little something for everyone. In a wide array of beady, and non-beady subjects, of course! If you don’t feel like taking classes, then go on a quest to collect enough beads, and other craft items to inspire you!

I go wherever my Bead-A-Muse takes me! It’s my inner muse that makes me creative, and I’m a firm believer that everyone has one of their own lurking inside. Some people feel that they’re not artistic, or creative, and I say hooey!! Listen, trust that inner voice, and the creativity will flow!! Tap into your right brain, because you have one! Sometimes it just needs a little exercise!!

Dont worry about trends, or even what I tell you! Just do what makes you happy!

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