November 2018 Bead Mat Update: Texture & Contrast!

When talking about my November 2018 Bead Mat Update, I think more about the differences, and less about similarities!

I love techniques! Yes I’ve told you that before, but this time my words are matched by my actions. Do you want to see?

First up on my November 2018 Bead Mat update, is the bezelled cabochon that I talked about in my last blog post. I lifted the next two photos from that post!!

November 2018 bead mat update
November 2018 bead mat update

Now here’s the update! I beaded some more, then glued the backing on, so all that’s left to do is bead the edging. But wait! What if I want to add some fringe? I think the piece is too large for a brooch, but could certainly be the central component in a necklace. More thinking to be done!

Occasionally I take instead of give classes! Last week, it was this lovely little star, from Gillian Clarke’s workshop. My intuitive mind does not always take kindly to traditional pathways, but I made an exception for this one. Now I need to make a few more stars to cement the idea in my brain!

Speaking of cement, next up on my November 2018 Bead Mat Update, are samples that I’ve made for my Concrete & Candy class this Thursday! I haven’t taught this workshop in a while, so needed to re-cement (pardon the puns) some of the ideas into my memory bank. That’s the thing about being a technique junkie! You never really forget!!

Mystery inclusions!

Artists Concrete is a fun product to work with. It’s quick, easy, surprisingly light, and lends itself to many different colourants, forms, and applications. Many of those options will be explored on Thursday, but here are a few teasers! I didn’t include traditional bezels this time, because I already have many of those in my earlier class samples.

November 2018 Bead Mat Update
I will remove the leaf, once the cement has cured completely!

But how about bottlecaps, and a little face?

November 2018 Bead Mat Update

Under the sea!

November 2018 Bead Mat Update

Just texture, with a little bit of failed pigment!! I added powder this time, but should have mixed it in either water, or raw cement. There’s sanding, and drilling to be done, and perhaps a surface coat of paint!

Did I mention that I love mixing cement with rust? This one will be part of a future mixed media collage. I love the contrast of rust, cement, and corrugated cardboard!

November 2018 Bead Mat Update
There’s still sanding and cleanup to do!

I actually forgot to take a photograph of my favourite piece, but I’ll try to include it in next week’s blog post. It’s a simple, little rectangular pendant, with the addition of metal, verdigris powder. Lovely contrast and shine!

One more thing! A couple of yummies purchased from last week’s update. They will be earrings of course, but I obviously haven’t had time to make them yet!  Soon!!

My November 2018 Bead Mat Update is complete! Now it’s time to focus on the rest of this year’s classes, the upcoming holidays, and a few new teaching projects for next year. I’m trying to avoid holiday movies, but I expect that I may give in once December arrives.  Now what have you been up to?

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