Colour Play – All the Way!

It’s only going to get colder, so colour play is extremely important at this time of the year! Why do we need dark and dismal, when we could take a bath in colour instead?

I know it’s a strange topic for a post, but it’s something that popped into my head this morning!

If you look at my wardrobe, you’ll see a lot of black, grey, and navy blue (but mostly denim these days). Is this a leftover from the corporate years (not the denim), or perhaps a personal choice? I love colour, but I don’t wear it that much, so I wonder why?

As a designer, I love to work with colour, but not too much colour!! Greyed down colours attract me, but I also love a sharp impact of colour. If I mix my rather dour colour palette, with a little something shocking, what do you suppose I will get? Think grey, with hot pink, or even black, with chartreuse! Wow! That would certainly be colour play at it’s finest!!!

Too much colour on my person, makes me uncomfortable! But wait! I don’t have any problems with turquoise, bright blue, or even red. I’m not really a purple person, although I have been known to wear that as well. But the secret for me, is to mix all that colour, with either black or grey!

There’s a difference between colours you wear, and those you accessorize with! Brightly coloured jewelry can certainly liven up an outfit. However, I do have limits! When I made a series of Freeform Peyote Earrings as class samples (not currently on the schedule), I made one that I call Carmen Miranda! Designed on an urge, and will probably never, ever be worn (at least by me!). Is it possible to love something, that you neglect entirely?

colour play

I first became involved with the Bead Journal Project (originally on blogs, but now on Facebook), at the end of 2008, and I made a series of twelve bead encrusted triangles. I had no stash, very little experience, and each month I probably spent at least $25 on beads. Each piece needed to be special, and I learned a lot about bead colour mixing, at that time. My colour choices have become more sophisticated, but still I find myself reaching for many of the same colour families.

colour play
colour play
colour play
colour play
colour play
colour play

Colour play is an on going practice! It’s a way to liven up the dreary days, while still focusing on new combinations! It’s certainly not for the faint at heart! Working at BeadFX, does give me an advantage, but I find that I play with colour all the time! Paper, resin, beads, fabric, threads, paint, and even photography! Colour is what it’s all about!

If I give you one recommendation, it’s to find a way to bring a little more colour play into your life. Grab the yellow beads, instead of the black ones!!! Combine the turquoise, with a little bright red! Wear that necklace proudly, and let the colour play with your little black dress! The dark days of winter, may never be the same!


  1. Bennett McCardle

    Of course, as you know, quiet clothing is the best way to set off your lovely bright jewellery! There’s a reason the little black dress is popular – it only takes one bright necklace, scarf or purse to dress it up.

    (And pink or red with grey is a terrific combination…)

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