Time to Charm

If you don’t have your hand-made Christmas gifts finished by now, A) – it’s a bit late, and B) – you’re in good company. Are you sorting out your friends/projects by the order you are most likely to see them in? I know I am. True friends will understand, and not-true-friends don’t deserve hand-made. So there.

So let’s be charming.

Charming as in TierraCast charms – that will spin you on a trip around the world!

First – to the Orient! Here we find Dragons, cavorting on clouds overhead, swimming through the sky.

s60737 Charm -  Chinese Dragon Coin - Antiqued Silver
s60738 Charm -  Chinese Dragon Coin - Antique Gold
s60739 Charm -  Chinese Dragon Coin - Brass Oxide

It’s very lucky

s60734 Charm -  Chinese Lu - Antiqued Silver
s60735 Charm -  Chinese Lu - Antique Gold
s60736 Charm -  Chinese Lu - Brass Oxide

To spot the smaller dragons

s60761 Metal Bead / Bail - 8mm Dragon Bead - Antiqued Silver
s60762 Metal Bead / Bail - 8mm Dragon Bead - Antique Gold
s60763 Metal Bead / Bail - 8mm Dragon Bead - Brass Oxide

Reach out and catch one, and she will fly you across the water – it’s a short hop for a dragon, to Japan, where we can be soothed and relax by the ponds where Koi circle and swim in and out of the waterlilies.

s60740 Findings - Link -  Circle Koi - Antiqued Silver
s60741 Findings - Link -  Circle Koi - Antique Gold
s60742 Findings - Link -  Circle Koi - Brass Oxide

And walk in the gardens, listening to the sound of the birds.

s60764 Charm/Pendant -  Botanical Birds - Antiqued Silver
s60765 Charm/Pendant -  Botanical Birds - Antique Gold
s60766 Finding - Link -  Botanical Birds - Antiqued Silver
s60767 Finding - Link -  Botanical Birds - Antique Gold

up in the branches

s60768 Finding - Link -  Botanical Branch - Antiqued Silver
s60769 Finding - Link -  Botanical Branch - Antique Gold

It’s so magical, it’s like rubbing Aladdin’s lamp.

s60771 Charm -  Aladdins Lamp - Antiqued Silver
s60772 Charm -  Aladdins Lamp - Antique Gold

And climbing into a pumpkin coach.

s60773 Charm -  Pumpkin Coach - Antiqued Silver

You feel peaceful

s60776 Metal Charm/Drop -  60s Peace Symbol - Brass Oxide
s60775 Metal Charm/Drop -  60s Peace Symbol - Antiqued Copper

And your heart is full of miracles!

s60777 Metal Charm/Drop -  Heart Milagro - Antiqued Silver
s60778 Metal Charm/Drop -  Heart Milagro - Antique Gold

Next – we are whisked off to India, bright colours and people and sunshine and noise and complex patterns.

s60780 Metal Charm/Drop -  Mehndi - Antiqued Silver
s60781 Metal Charm/Drop -  Mehndi - Antique Gold
s60802 Clasps - Toggle -  Temple - Antiqued Silver
s60803 Clasps - Toggle -  Temple - Antique Gold

Then east again, where the Hamsa hand greets us and brings happiness, luck, health and good fortune.

s60782 Finding - Link -  Hamsa Hand - Antiqued Silver
s60783 Finding - Link -  Hamsa Hand - Antique Gold
s60793 Charm - Mini Hamsa Hand - Antiqued Silver
s60794 Charm - Mini Hamsa Hand - Antique Gold
s60795 Charm - Mini Hamsa Hand - Brass Oxide

Then, straight as an arrow we fly

s60796 Charm - Mini Arrow - Antiqued Silver
s60797 Charm - Mini Arrow - Antique Gold

To the South American jungles,

s60798 Findings - Bail -  Botanical - Antiqued Silver
s60799 Findings - Bail -  Botanical - Antique Gold
s60800 Findings - Bail -  Botanical - Brass Oxide

where the Wild Butterflies are.

s60876 Finding - Link -  Wild Butterfly - Antiqued Silver
s60877 Finding - Link -  Wild Butterfly - Antique Gold
s60878 Finding - Link -  Wild Butterfly - Brass Oxide

Hope this trip around the globe inspired you, or, at least, mildly amused you. Have a lovely and safe Christmas.

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