Ring in 2019: Let creativity reign!

Let’s ring in 2019 in a forward-looking fashion! 2018 was a good year, but 2019 promises to be a real stunner!!!

Goals? Did someone mention goals? Well, as I’ve stated before, I’m not really one to make formal goals at the beginning of the year, nor am I one to actually write them down! That doesn’t mean that I don’t make plans, and target things that I would like to do during the year!!! My plans are always broad, and sometimes a little airy fairy!!!! I spent so much time evaluating staff in my corporate life, that I could write up goals in my sleep, but actually got tired of writing them. As the only person I supervise now is myself, I decided to take all the formality out of it. It works for me, but I’m not sure that I recommend it for everyone!

First up to ring in 2019, is bead embroidery! I worked on that on New Year’s Eve, and day! I plan to continue on the bead embroidery, hand embroidery, and mixed media track! That seems to be my core creativity set, so why would I change that? I’d like to stress a little less, and create a little more! Not just for class samples, but to work on some more meaty projects, that might be either show, or gallery worthy! I’ve done this in my past life, so I know that it’s definitely attainable!!!

A generous friend gifted me Jane Dunnewold’s, Creative Strength Training e-course, which will be running from March, to December. I’m very thankful, and looking forward to ways to ramp up my creativity, and knock on it’s ass, so to speak! As the two of us are doing it together, there’s hope that I’ll actually follow the program, and do the exercises. Isn’t that a little like joining the gym in January? I’m looking forward to the buddy system working!!! It’s a very good way to ring in 2019 (even though it’s  in March)!

Now on to my loose plans! I’ve been bezelling flat objects, in preparation for my February workshop! I originally intended it just to be for stone cabochons, but it seems that I’ve changed the program a little, as there’s a lot more out there!!! Both pieces, shown below are works in progress!

It’s funny how once you start doing something, it often sparks other creative ideas! While working on my Lunasoft cabs. I started thinking that they would be wonderful on cuff bracelets. Don’t be surprised to see me working on one in the near future! After all, I already have a wack of pendants and brooches, so cuffs are a natural progression!! I may decide to make a collar as well!

ring in 2019

I finished my 100 Stitch Meditations for 2018 (see I can keep to goals)! As another way to ring in 2019, I plan to continue this project, but I will change the format! There’s no need to commit, or even start it at the beginning of the year, so I won’t! I actually have two separate ideas that I’m mulling over, so I might get a slow start this year.

Here are my SM’s #99 and #100! The people of Instagram (I’m there under amd_artfuldreamer) have been very supportive.

ring in 2019
ring in 2019

Everyone wants to know what I’m going to do with my 100 SM’s from 2018! No firm plans yet, but I do have ideas. For the 100% fabric ones, I plan to make a long piece out of them, similar to a scroll (mounted on a strip of re-cycled, and nature dyed cotton sheet). I’ll design the piece with a hanger of some sort, so it can be hung at the end of the curtain in my dining room. However, I still want to be able to change it out, and roll it up when desired for show & tell. A few of my favourites will be framed, and I’ll explore making a book out of the rest! But don’t hold your breath on any of this! Right now, they’re all snuggled quite nicely, in a vintage wooden sewing box!

My ongoing quest to organize the studio (err, my whole house), will continue in 2019! I confess that it was neglected in 2018, but my overwhelming guilt is bringing it to the forefront once again. Look for more posts about this in the future. Preparing my friend’s overflowing, but organized studio, for a move, has sparked the fire. Now all I need to do, is find some dedicated time!!!

Now the “airy fairy” part! In the back of my mind, I need to bead embroider a sphere! But first I have to collect the right focals, and source the substrate. I expect that this will be quite complicated, so don’t look, or expect anything soon! I’ve wanted to do this ever since I spotted Heidi Kummli’s “Fortune Teller”. It’s positively sigh worthy! I also want to do more sculptural work (including designing new dolls for my workshop), but I’ll hold off on that for now.

ring in 2019
ring in 2019
Both – Fortune Teller from Heidi Kummli

My plans to ring in 2019 were spent, quietly at home; needle in hand, listening to Tom Hanks, and Meg Ryan on the TV (You’ve got mail!). What did you do?

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