Totally Random Thoughts and Photos!

Occasionally, blog posts need to have some totally random thoughts, and I’m okay with that!

A funny thing happened last week. While packing for a class a while back, I discovered that I had lost one of my bead embroidered cabochons. I searched, and searched, but the class had to go on without it!! While I was re-organizing supplies last week, I found the cabochon in a totally random box of paints!! How the heck did it get there? I must have been carrying it, when it slipped out of my hands, and into the open box, because there is no other logical reason!!! Unless my muse was playing tricks on me! She’s funny that way!!

totally random thoughts

Now back to the cabochon! You probably can’t see it in the photo, but it has a flat spot, in one section. Do you think that fringe will help to hide it, or should I just make it a design element? I could include it in a larger piece of bead embroidery. Perhaps even a collar, although I’m not really a purple person (despite what Erin thinks). In the area of totally random thoughts, this decision will need to be deferred, until I have a plan. But wait! I do need to say that I absolutely love bezelling the Lunasoft Cabochons!! They glow so nicely, are exactly the right height for bezelling, and come in yummy, bright colours!

I purchased a Foldio2 Foldable LED Studio yesterday! Basically, it’s a portable light box, with attached LED lighting (here’s a review). I spotted it a while back, but just didn’t make the effort to buy. It will make it easier for me to photograph my work.

I won’t even tell you what I’ve been using up to now! Okay, you’ve twisted my arm, and I’ll tell you! A ceramic tile, my ironing board, and the daylight bulbs, in the overhead light in my bedroom (without the shade). Not a perfect solution, but it did work! I had a better set-up in the spring, summer, and fall, when I was able to use my balcony table. Bright, overcast days are always the best, but if you time it right, bright sunshine will also work (but the sun needs to be directly overhead). By the way, my review so far is that the Foldio2 is going to make my life so much easier!!

totally random thoughts

I think that I may have shown this to you earlier, but here’s another shot of my new, favourite necklace! It’s so me!!! I think that I’ll make a few more, then develop a mixed media necklace workshop! Is that something that would interest you? I’m already dreaming about using fibre, pearls, wire, my old paper beads, and all sorts of random bits and pieces! Oooh, this could be a lot of fun!!!

totally random thoughts

Along with the new, how about a photograph of an oldie, but a goodie! I made this bracelet in my very early, bead weaving days, but did you notice that I didn’t use a pattern. Nope, even then I was going rogue!

totally random thoughts
Dragonfly Bracelet – Peyote stitch using triangle beads!

Back on the nostalgia track, how about a photo of two of my 4 mm Swarovski Bicone necklaces, all jumbled together? I made these when I first purchased my One-Step Looper tool! It’s an easy way to make those pesky, simple loops! Each necklace is at least 30 inches in length, and I have no idea how long they took to make. It was a mindless TV watching exercise!!

totally random thoughts

Well, what do you think of my totally random thoughts? I might add that I was out, and about yesterday, and thoroughly enjoying the blue sky. Could spring be creeping up on us, finally? I wish!!


  1. Bennett McCardle

    Anne-Marie, you could use that early beadwoven cuff with the dragonfly button as a before/after demo to illustrate the powers of your new light box.

    That old photo is hard to make out – you can’t see that it’s made of beads as opposed to ribbon. Can you take a new picture with the new box, and put them side by side?

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