Holey Big Stone Beads, Batman; Beryl; Ginkos

Or, Big Hole Stone Beads

First up, we know you just love the big hole stone beads, whether stringing on leather or light cord or even on elastic for stretchy bracelets. Big Hole beads are fun, easy to string, and easy to love. And we just got a bunch of them, from Matte White African Opal to Matte Black Onyx, with a detour into the rainbow, colour by colour or all at once, in the case of the Mixed Impression Jasper or the Mixed Stone.

s62304 Stone Beads - 8mm Big Hole Round - Matte White African Opal (strand)
s62306 Stone Beads - 8mm Big Hole Round - Bronzite (strand)
s62307 Stone Beads - 8mm Big Hole Round - Mixed Impression Jasper (strand)
s62308 Stone Beads - 8mm Big Hole Round - African Turquoise (strand)
s62310 Stone Beads - 8mm Big Hole Rondelle Donut - Matte Red Creek Jasper (strand)
s62424 Stone Beads - 10mm Big Hole Round - Lapis (strand)
s62423 Stone Beads - 8mm Big Hole Round - Matte Black Onyx (strand)
s62426 Stone Beads - 10mm Big Hole Rondelle Donut - Green Aventurine (strand)


My mother had a friend called “Beryl” – I always thought it was a wonderfully exotic name. As opposed to the confusing and awkward nature of my own exotic name. When I learned that Beryl is a gemstone – I thought it was even cooler.

Beryl is the category of stones that includes Emerald, Aquamarines and Morganite. While the kind of Beryl that is clear and faceted into rings requires a small mortgage to pay for – these beryl beads are in the sort of soft shades of blue, green, peach and pink that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. While not inexpensive, they aren’t mortgagey, and they are very, very pretty by themselves. Anything you do with them is bound to look good.

s62299 Stone Beads - 6mm Round - Beryl (Multi-Color) (strand)
s62301 Stone Beads - 10mm Round - Beryl (Multi-Color) (strand)
s62300 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Beryl (Multi-Color) (strand)


Ginkos – not the tree. Although the tree is a pretty cool tree – should you care to read it’s wiki page.

No, these Ginkos are two hole beads in a fan shape that is strongly evocative of the shape of the ginkgo leaf. I note that there seems to be lots of ways to spell ginkgo, gingko, ginko – and the manufacturer – Matubo (as in SuperDuos, etc.) has elected to go with G-I-N-K-O – which should make it easier to google them and not get patterns for the seedbead versions of the tree leaves or gardening tips.

s62232 Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Ginkgo - Polished Brass
s62233 Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Ginkgo - Silver
s62235 Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Ginko - Crystal Bronze
s62241 Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Ginko - Crystal AB

Here are some patterns and ideas to get you going via pinterest.

The shape is very cool – think: fish scales, mermaid tales, miniature bonsai trees, flowers, clovers, mandalas. This Snakeskin bracelet looks easy enough that even I could do it!

You can Review all the new stuff here!

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