Too Beautiful for Words

Sometimes, I feel like the beads in an update really don’t need me to say anything other than – here, have at them.

This is one of those updates.

I’m going to start with these – Terra Agate. These big barrel beads – I keep thinking they look like lampwork beads. They are so gorgeous, and so individual – they look hand-crafted.

s62462 Stone Beads - 14x40mm Barrel - Terra Agate (strand)
s62463 Stone Beads - 12mm Round - Terra Agate (strand)

Chrysocolla – it’s no secret I love chrysocolla, and judging from the way it flies out the door, I’m thinking a fair number of you do too!

s62464 Stone Beads - 5-10mm Faceted Nuggets - Chrysocolla (strand)
s62465 Stone Beads - 14-18mm Faceted Nuggets - Chrysocolla (strand)
s62466 Stone Beads - 15-16mm Rounds - Chrysocolla (strand)
s62452 Stone Beads - 8x10mm Pebble - Chrysocolla (strand)

Mind you – Lapis has been known to be my fave too. No collection of gorgeous stone beads is complete without some Lapis.

s62449 Stone Beads - 8x10mm Pebble - Lapis Lazuli (strand)

And then, for something a little different – some Iolite. This soft purple and grey stone has a quiet, classic beauty all it’s own.

s58769 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Iolite (strand)
s58770 Stone Beads - 10mm Round - Iolite (strand)
s58772 Stone Beads - 8mm Faceted Rondelles - Iolite (strand)

If more intense colour is your thang, then Amethyst Pebbles? Or this Garnet?

s62450 Stone Beads - 8x10mm Pebble - Amethyst (strand)
s62472 Stone Beads - 9mm Vertical Rice - Garnet (strand)

Or, on a smaller scale – these star cut Sardonyx

s62469 Stone Beads - 8mm Star Cut Round - Sardonyx - Purple (strand)
s62470 Stone Beads - 8mm Star Cut Round - Matte Sardonyx - Purple (strand)
s62471 Stone Beads - 8mm Star Cut Round - Matte Sardonyx - Blue (strand)

And the more subtlely coloured star cut Labradorite.

s62467 Stone Beads - 6mm Star Cut Round - Labradorite (strand)

Mixed Colour Tourmaline – always a fave –

s62454 Stone Beads -  Pebble - Tourmaline (strand)

Although, I have to say – this Strawberry Quartz is a refreshing change too.

s62451 Stone Beads - 8x10mm Pebble - Strawberry Quartz (strand)

I also love the “ethnic”-look beads – for want of a better term, and please, if you can think of a better term, let me know! Boho-chic? Whatever you want to call them, these graphically-patterned beads are inspired by the traditional Indian and Tibetan Dzi beads.

s62458 Stone Beads - 14x40mm Barrel - Dzi Agate Green Eye
s62457 Stone Beads - 10mm Round - Matte Dzi Agate Green Line (strand)
s62459 Stone Beads - 12mm Round - Matte Dzi Agate Green Eye (strand)
s62456 Stone Beads - 12mm Round - Matte Dzi Agate Red Wave (strand)
s62455 Stone Beads - 6mm Round - Matte Dzi Agate Brown Line (strand)
s62461 Stone Beads - 14x40mm Barrel - Matte Dzi Agate Black Eye
s62460 Stone Beads - 15x22mm Olive - Matte Dzi Agate Black Eye (strand)

And these Ocean Jasper pebbles and Black Tourmalinated Quartz work well with that esthetic too.

s62453 Stone Beads - 8x10mm Pebble - Ocean Jasper (strand)
s62420 Stone Beads - 8x10mm Pebble - Black Tourmalinated Quartz (strand)

Anyway – the stone-aholics are in deep doo-doo this week – because – this week it is all about the stones.

Except we got more colours of the Ginkos in, for those of you who fell in love with the bracelet from the other week.

s62553 Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Ginko - Full Sliperit
s62555 Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Ginko - Jet Azuro

Oh, and for those calling Pam every every day 😉 about the supplies for the Jean Power’s Peacock Pearl Box class – she can now say the pearls are in, and some of the big Swarovski stones too. (There are spaces in the June 1 class, the June 2 class is sold out.)

s62636 Swarovski Fancy Rhinestones - 27mm Faceted Round (1201) - Crystal Volcano
s62639 Swarovski Pearl - 5mm Round Pearl (5810) - Coral Pearl (strand 25)


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