Resin Play and More!

What can I possibly say about resin play and more? You all know that I’m a mixed-up media person, but did you know that my cravings often come in waves?

I simply cannot resist, when my muse whispers that I must go in an entire new direction. Okay, I’m not really going in a new direction, I’m just planning on taking an old direction, down a new path!

I wish that I could say that I had lots of photos to show you, but right now most of my new ideas are just percolating in my brain. It’s a virtual hive of activity, and there’s nothing I can do to slow it down. Do I act on every idea that my brain comes up with? No, of course not, because some of those ideas are not really practical. I might even need to edit some of them out!!

So, here’s a couple of older photos that I’ve used to advertise my introductory resin class! I promise more teaser photos, as soon as I begin my experiments!

resin play
resin play

What do I do with my ideas? I ponder them for a while, perhaps sketch some of them out (although I’ve never really been a sketchbook person), but don’t pull out the resin (or whatever), until the time is right to experiment!

I’ve been thinking about making resin skins (freeform resin, but poured without benefit of a bezel), combining it with paper, fabric, wire, wood, and even some other BeadFX supplies (that shall remain nameless, for now). Of course most of this will remain a secret, until the muse figures how to do it! Ha! But I’ll certainly let you know when that happens!

Would any of you be interested in a second level, resin class? I plan to work on it over the summer, with the target of a fall/winter, implementation date, but I need to figure it all out first! So, not on the schedule yet, but keep on watching, because you never know what I’ll come up with!

Now to talk about the “More” part of the resin play! I own a nice, big package of a new clay, that the store will be carrying in future months. I haven’t cracked the package open yet, but soon, my dear readers, soon! It involves the clay, a heat gun, colourants, and embellishments.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Are any of you interested in acrylic paints, or even pastels? Have you ever heard of a Gelli Plate? I had a play date with a friend last Friday, and tried out these two mono-printing techniques.  Both use acrylic paint! One involves a transferred magazine image, but the other includes Pan Pastels and a stencil.  I love them both, and simply cannot wait until I figure out how to make more totally one-of-a-kind jewelery out of them! Did I mention that Gelli printing is totally addicting?

resin play
I need to find smaller photos!
resin play
Much smaller!
resin play
Wouldn’t this make a luscious resin background?

Speaking of acrylic paints! Did you know that you can also make acrylic paint skins? Combine them with a little resin play, then suddenly we could be wallowing in eye-popping colour! So, so, exciting!!

I’m still working on my Stitch Meditations, and my #100dayproject, so my hands are always busy (although I have fallen behind a bit this month)! I haven’t had much time for beading, but I have so many UFO’s, that I really must get back to it. Not to mention, my abundant stash! By the way, if you’re interested in Stitch Meditations, I’ll be teaching another short workshop this month.

resin play
Believe it or not, altered with a rusty object and black tea!
resin play
This one too!
resin play
resin play

My May goals include resin play, beading, stitching, and a whole lot of experimenting! Plus, I have a Stitch Meditation, and a Freeform Peyote Beaded Bead class to prepare for! The clock is ticking, so I’d better get cracking! What are you up to?

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