Mighty Amazon-ite and other Mighty-Fine Stones

The Amazon-ite twins, Matte and Glossy, ready to leap to the jewelry rescue – saving you from lack-of-inspiration. The soothing soft sea foam colours would make a crab happy.

s62598 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Amazonite (short strand)
s62597 Stone Beads - 6mm Round - Amazonite (short strand)
s62599 Stone Beads - 10mm Round - Amazonite (short strand)
s62605 Stone Beads - 8mm Big Hole Round - Amazonite (short strand)

Small in size but mighty in deliciousness … these are mites of beads – like these 4mm Lapis Lazuli or these Tourmaline Mixes

s62647 Stone Beads - 4mm Faceted Rounds - Lapis Lazuli (strand)
s62648 Stone Beads - 3.5mm Rounds - Tourmaline Mix (strand)

Not just the Amazon is mighty though – these 14.5mm Black Rutilated Quartz beads are large and lovely.

s62654 Stone Beads - 14.5mm Rounds - Black Rutilated Quartz (strand)

As are these 11x15mm Tumbled Nuggets – Green/Brown Prehnite

s62653 Stone Beads - 11x15mm Tumbled Nuggets - Green/Brown Prehnite (strand)

And these: Stone Beads – 10x14mm Oval Barrel – Prehnite (strand)

s62651 Stone Beads - 10x14mm Oval Barrel - Prehnite (strand)

And These: Stone Beads – 7.5-10mm Nuggets – Citrine (strand)

s62652 Stone Beads - 7.5-10mm Nuggets - Citrine (strand)

14mm Coin – Smokey Quartz – these are large, but lighter, because of being flat.

s62655 Stone Beads - 14mm Coin - Smokey Quartz (strand)

And finally, you don’t have to have a point to have a point. But if you want to have a point, or many points – then point and click your way to this set of Graduated Points.

s62607 Stone Pendant -  Graduated Points Set - Turquoise Howlite (strand)

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