Late Breaking News: Of the publishing kind!

I should have shared this late breaking news earlier today, but I simply forgot to include it in my earlier blog post! Dwyn wanted me to call it a “Hot Flash”, but I just wasn’t going there!  LOL!

I’m excited to announce that two of my articles, that include six different jewelry pieces, have been published in the Summer edition (out in June), of the Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine!!! This is a high-end, beautifully photographed, artsy, teaching, mixed media, jewelry magazine, and it fits right into my wheelhouse! The publisher is Stampington & Company.

I simply love this magazine, and buy it whenever I see a new copy!!! How’s that for a wish come true?

late breaking news
Look! My concrete pendants have been mentioned on the cover!!!

So, the story of my late breaking news, is that Amber Demien, the Senior Managing Editor, contacted me on Instagram mid-February of this year, and asked if I was interested in submitting some of my jewelry, for possible publication.  Of course, I said yes!

,After a few back-and-forth emails,Amber told me that they were specifically interested in both my Needle-feltedLandscape pendants, and my Artist Concrete ones. There were no guarantees, butshe said that I should send two, to three pieces, for review by the publisher(who had the final say). So, with a very short turnaround (for the deadline), Imailed my babies off to sunny California, via Canada Post)! Then the waitingbegan!!!!

late breaking news
late breaking news

At the end of February, I received news that all six of my pieces had been accepted, and that they wanted me to write two feature articles (including instructions). Gulp! My deadline for both articles, was March 18th!! Time to get my rear in gear!! So, if I seemed particularly stressed during that time, you now know the reason why! I had no time for anything!!! LOL! But I did meet my deadline, and then it was just waiting for the revisions, and finding out which issue(s) they would be published in. Whew!

Amber, Belle Armoire Jewelry, and Stampington & Company are all class acts, in my opinion! A big thank you goes out to all, with special hugs to Amber for ‘discovering’ me on Instagram, and being such a wonderful, and supportive editor!

Being published, was something that was always at the back of my mind (but leaning more towards the fibre, and mixed media side of things)! However, I never really made the effort! Thanks to Amber, I can now check this item off my bucket list! Also, I have been asked to submit again, so you never know what I will come up with next. I’m too late for the Fall issue (the deadline has passed), but do intend to submit for the Winter one.  Wish me luck!

For those of you local to the area (or within driving distance), I plan to teach both techniques, at BeadFX in September, but I’ve been told that they won’t appear on the schedule until at least July. However, if you’re dying to learn them before then, do give BeadFX a call, to see if we can work something out earlier.

So, the moral of my late breaking news, is that surprises are just around the corner, and it’s never too late to meet your dreams, and goals! You just never know!

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